What we do

BlueStacks is the largest platform in the world for mobile apps on PC and TV. With gaming as our most popular use case, we have over 55 million users on devices worldwide. We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in London, Beijing, Delhi and Taiwan. Started in 2010 and with 50 employees worldwide, we are backed by Andreessen-Horowitz, Samsung, Qualcomm, Intel, Sumitomo and others. The company is profitable.

Why we do

Our vision is to bring the mobile gaming experience to bigger screens.

How we do

BlueStacks' headquarters is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, with global presence in China, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Canada and UK. We are currently working with 37 of the Top 50 Grossing developers in the Google Play Store. Right now people in more than 100 countries use Bluestacks to play apps fullscreen. We've even recently developed a product called GamePop, and android based video game console.