What we do

Goodera is a state-of-the-art technology platform that helps companies measure and communicate impact and ROI of CSR, Sustainability and volunteering initiatives. We are transforming the CSR, Sustainability, and Volunteering ecosystem, by ensuring that there is proper flow of capital and information, while also engaging stakeholders effectively. Goodera enables companies to collect data from multiple sources including web, mobile, voice, API integrations with internal tools and have real-time dashboards to communicate CSR & Sustainability performance to stakeholders like CEO, Board, Employees, Investors etc. and report as per external global standards- GRI, SDGs, DJSI, CDP, IR amongst others. Goodera is amongst the first VC backed companies in this space with Nexus Venture Partners and Omidyar Network as key investors. Goodera has a 120+ team with strong domain and technology expertise.

Why we do

Goodera is an employee volunteering, CSR and ESG management company that enables corporations, foundations, governments, non-profits, and employees across 90+ countries. Through curated volunteering opportunities, end-to-end program management, and impact measurement, Goodera offers a seamless volunteering experience. Goodera is co-headquartered in San Mateo, CA, and Bangalore, India.

How we do

Creating impact through innovation and making systems Transparent, Measurable and Engaging.