What we do

Never queue for your F&B again! cutQ is The Better Way to Takeaway.  cutQ is a Takeaway Mobile App, where you can pre-order your coffee and food, pay, and simply pick up at the store when it's ready.

Why we do

As the founders of cutQ, we are crazy coffee & food lovers, who initially wanted to open our own cafe. After seeing how the coffee community has grown tremendously over the past few years, we then thought of a way to bring this community together to share our passion for all things gastronomy. The inspiration rose from working in the CBD and finding it such a hassle to get a simple cup of coffee in the morning or after lunch because of the long queues and waiting time.

How we do

With cutQ, you never have to wait in line again. You just have to pre-order the food and coffee you’re in the mood for, pay, and waltz into the store when it’s ready. Never queue for food again in your life.