Our Founding Story

In an age of accelerating technological advances where we value efficient transactional relationships, we seldom reflect on our human to human interactions, trust, communications, or whether we are happy, healthy and content. We need a place where we can connect on a human level, a community with heart, empathy, and passion made of individuals who would do something to make a change. We also believe that a business is the best way to create sustained changes in the world by supporting itself, innovating and growing through responsible means.

Dream Impact is a hub where responsible and purpose-driven businesses grow. Started off as a commercial warehouse, in 2017 father Mr. YS Lam and daughter Dorothy Lam began to envision in turning this space for greater impact, by attracting innovators, entrepreneurs and creators. Soon enough, Mr. YS Lam gathered with long-time friends and partners including Mr. KK Tse, Ms. Rebecca Yung and Ms. HW Chan and formed a team with years of experience from social innovation to international commerce to create what we saw in Dream Impact 1.0. At the time, the vision was to be the space to nurture social enterprises and the go-to place for impact events.

Fast forward to today, the original vision has already been reached. 70+ social businesses and NGOs are a part of the Dream Impact community and the event space has run 2000+ impact events in just less than 2 years.

Individual Dreams, Collective Impact. - we transition into a bigger dream for a much greater impact.

Dream Impact 2.0 envisions a society where everyone is conscious of the work they do, the things they buy and the values they advocate. We drive the growth of a purpose-driven ecosystem where everyone can be a part of this world-changing movement, and we scale and deepen social impact through advocacy, strategic partnerships and bridging of impact resources .

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