What we do

Hapz is the only experience booking platform that rewards you to experience more in life. From thrill-seekers to chill-seekers, we have got you covered! Experience more with Hapz today and get rewarded!

Why we do

WHY Hapz? Being experience seekers ourselves, we created Hapz to achieve the following for you and your loved ones: 1. Make experiences affordable 2. Curate top quality experiences 3. Provide a seamless buying experience Mission To be the one-stop platform of experiences at the lowest price. Awards Batch 2 of SPH Plug & Play 2016 Accelerator Program.

How we do

Go Events with Hapz We are here to help you Save Big on tickets to great concerts, musicals, and even your favourite attractions! Name Your own Price on tickets to your favourite live events and we'll let you know immediately if you can get the ticket on your own terms! We want to make live events more affordable for you so that you get to go out more and go for more live events! 1. Choose your Experience 2. Name Your own Price 3. Get an Instant answer