“Just good enough right now” is “not okay tomorrow.” by Akane Kataoka

Authored by Akane Kataoka

I’m Akane Kataoka of Business Administration Division.

To be honest with you, I had failed the latest health examination and got a re-examination not long ago. After I got a letter from our corporate health insurance society, I went to the doctor in a hurry. Although I haven’t got the result yet, a certain number was badly increasing in the past seven years, and far from it, in the last two years, the number went by double.

Oh no… but I saw it somewhere.. Where? Yes, it is almost the same trend as our revenue growth.

(Source: https://recruit.hde.co.jp/en/hde-in-numbers/)

Well, let’s leave our revenue growth aside for now, but my doctor told me that,

  1. It’s not yet a dangerous level right now, but your dietary habit as before isn’t good.
  2. As you are getting older, “just good enough right now” is “not okay tomorrow.”
  3. Overconfident of past success is not good.

My impression of listening to my doctor is that,

  1. I should change my diet. (And I changed now…)
  2. Oh no… but I heard it somewhere.. Where? Yes, it’s HENNGE!

Why should we change?
Moreover, in spite that we now love “change,” why we announce that we will change with going so far as to change our company name?

I think that’s because our company know from our experiences that under rapid environmental change,

  1. “just good enough right now” is “not okay tomorrow” and
  2. we can not even maintain unless we change.

And, especially in the near future, we will face the stage that we have to change with fighting the factor that inhibits “our wants to change” in a certain situation.
By blindly believing past successful experiences or by facing the inhibited factor, we might choose a “conservative” way rather than a “changing” way. Without a strong will that “we will never choose such a conservative way,” “we will keep changing forever,” and “we will fail 100 times and find new 1 success”, we can’t change in the future even now we can change.

Yes, that is also “just good enough right now” is “not okay tomorrow.”

As we truly want to “change” after the next ten years, we will change the company name with all our mind wishes and oath.

The work of the corporate section like my Business Administration Division tends to be conservative at all.

Why do you think it is the best way to the current workflow? The innovation of technology and the new idea will make it better. As for a reason, we should broaden our horizons and think what it better now and the future with looking back periodically.

Why do you think only the current job is our job that we will be required in the future? Under the rapid environmental change, our job will also change rapidly and steadily. As for a reason, we must keep studying and keep changing with an eye toward the future.

In conclusion, after we broaden your horizons, keep thinking and keep studying, we can grab it.

Going back to my re-examination, we must be healthy to HENNGE. Like a KPI, the fixed point observation is important.

So let’s take medical examination regularly! :-)

To close, I want to let you know that we are looking for an accounting and finance member at our company. If you are interested in our company, please let us know from our recruitment site as below.


Thank you so much and see you again!

This blog is the #15 of the twenty-five blogs that we are publishing daily, one blog each day from Jan 7th until 31st — written by twenty-five of our members, sharing topics regarding “Change” — to celebrate the official change of our new company name, from HDE to HENNGE on Feb 1st.

For more information about the change in our company name:https://www.hde.co.jp/en/about-us/trade-name-changed.html

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