My Journey of Learning English by Shota Kawaminami

Authored by SEAN.

Hi there! I’m SEAN!

This year we decided to cancel our annual “Advent Calendar”, because, as you know, we announced to change the company name from HDE, Inc. to HENNGE K.K. and wondered whether we should name the “Advent Calendar” as “HDE Advent Calendar” or “HENNGE Advent Calendar”?

At that time, we realized that we were going to start advertising our new company name in a lot of places such as Tokyo Station, Nagoya Station, Osaka Station and so on. Especially, in Shinagawa Station, we decided to change the message every day starting from January 7th to January 31st. So we started a relay blog along with our advertisements instead of the advent calendar.

And today is the final day! I am the last person. It means that today is the final day of using HDE, Inc. Tomorrow we will change our company name to HENNGE K.K.!

What has changed in my life? Of course, thanks to our company, I became able to use English. 5 years have passed since I started studying English.

5 years have passed since I started studying English.

Those who didn’t know why we tried to equip the English, please refer to the article below.

HDE Advent Calendar Day 1: Skype English Lesson and The Callan Method — HDE Advent Calendar 2017
Hi, there! I’m “SEAN” Kawaminami works for HDE, Inc. as an Executive officer. The season of HDE Advent Calendar 2017…hde-advent-2017.hatenadiary.jp

This time, I would like to share some important things that I believe is useful while studying English.

Make studying a habit

I know it’s very difficult to make time to study. However, once study becomes a habit you don’t care about making time. You automatically study English. If you wake up at 7:00 am, how about waking up 30 minutes earlier? You can use 30 minutes for studying.

Set and imagine the goal. Divide it into milestones.

Without a goal, it’s too difficult to keep studying. “I want to work for a foreign company.”, “I want to live abroad.”, “I want to watch American drama without Japanese subtitles.” and so on. Everything is Okay. And then, consider what to do to achieve that goal. For example, TOEIC is a good indicator to check your progress so set the TOEIC score as one of the milestones.

Find and make friends

There are a lot of people who are studying English, more than you expect. To join the meetup, enroll the Facebook group for studying English. On many occasions they will help you, sometimes they will give you an advice, sometimes they will support keeping motivation, sometimes they will give some notice.

Invest your money

Buying various textbooks, buying some apps, attending meetups, taking TOEIC examinations, taking Skype English lessons. You may also go abroad to study English. That’s why you should be determined to use some amount of money to study English.

Give something up

As I mentioned, it’s too difficult to make time to study. So we should give something up instead. For me? I gave up watching television and drinking beer when I eat dinner.

Understanding that progress happens step by step

When you start studying English, you will have times when you cannot feel improvement. However, there’s no need to worry about it. Your English skill is improving certainly even if it’s hard to notice. Suddenly one day, you notice your improvement on some occasions. You should understand that the progress is not so rapid.

Keep studying

You will realize along with your study, there is no finish of studying English. We have to study more and more. What can we do? Just keep studying.

That’s all for now

I want to share my knowledge and footprint more. But, I have no time and space anymore. I decided to continue this blog for English learners. I definitely promise you. Because I could get a lot of wonderful experiences using English. I want you to have the same feeling!

Thank you for reading my article, see you in the next post!

This blog is the #25 (Final) of the twenty-five blogs that we are publishing daily, one blog each day from Jan 7th until 31st — written by twenty-five of our members, sharing topics regarding “Change” — to celebrate the official change of our new company name, from HDE to HENNGE on Feb 1st.

For more information about the change in our company name:https://www.hde.co.jp/en/about-us/trade-name-changed.html

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