The Change of Seasons by Keitaro Mazda

Authored by Keitaro Mazda

The season is changing.
I love how the seasons in Japan change.
Every year, I can feel a cycle of the season like I admire the cherry blossoms in Spring, feel the heat in Summer, leaves begin to change color in Fall, and touch the snow in Winter.

Photo taken by keitaro mazda, Location is Doshi riverside in Japan.

If you want to change yourself, seasonal variation in Japan might help you.
For instance,

Seasonal food changes.
Getting ripe and tasty strawberries in spring and have the chestnuts harvest time in autumn.
Your activity changes.
Diving in the sea in summer, skiing in the snowy mountain in winter.
Landscape changes.
Flowers bloom in spring, autumn leaves in fall.

I believe natural and climate change in Japan will be a trigger to change you.

Photo taken by keitaro mazda, Location is Asagiri plateau in Japan.

For myself, I recently joined in the finance section of this company.
Since I had been working in the manufacturing field so far, working in a Tech/IT company is my first experience in my life such as SaaS Metrics, ARR, Churn, LTV and etc…
It is a new adventure and very exciting every day for me.

It’s a time for challenging me to know these KPIs which I have never been handled before.

Photo taken by keitaro mazda, Location is Lake Shibire in Japan.

Since SaaS business has a relatively short history, there are many things we must think about the new ways.
That means there are lots of opportunities to change them by ourselves.
Don’t you think it’s very exciting about?

Photo taken by keitaro mazda, Location is Asagiri plateau in Japan.

I will take part in SaaStr Annual 2019. It’ll be the largest exhibition for B2B software. And they will gather from all over the world.
I would like to absorb many things to catch up the accelerate change.

Let’s meet you up at SaaStr!
Thank you.

For more information about the change in our company name:https://www.hde.co.jp/en/about-us/trade-name-changed.html

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