What we do

At Incubit, we transform imagination into inspiration, using the best technology and design. Our team of skilled engineers works with the latest deep learning and machine learning technology to offer practical real-world solutions to our clients who are corporations that are leaders in their industries. We offer our clients not only our technical expertise but also our AI project management know-how to accelerate innovation in their companies. What we do ■We, as a co-creation partner in the artificial intelligence and data age, develop next-generation products and services, taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies such as deep learning and machine learning. We support our clients from the advisory stage to the customization and deployment of our AI solutions. ■By combining our project management know-how and deep learning expertise with our clients' data and necessities, we develop next-generation products and services in various industries, such as medical, agriculture, traffic, infrastructure, robotics, manufacturing, transportation, food processing, etc. We accelerate the implementation of AI working closely with the new business development and innovation departments of our clients' companies. ■ Currently, we are focusing on the image recognition area in particular. We are actively participating in challenging projects supporting product development for our clients using advanced technology. What we do ■私たちインキュビットは「人工知能 × データ時代の共創パートナー」として、ディープラーニング・機械学習等のの最先端テクノロジーを武器に、クライアントの新規事業の立ち上げ・次世代プロダクト・サービスの開発をアドバイザリー段階からシステムの実稼働までサポートしています。 ■インキュビットの新規事業開発におけるプロジェクトマネジメントやアイデア創発のノウハウと高い技術力を掛け合わせることで、医療、農業、測量、社会インフラ、ロボット、製造業、交通、食品加工、等の様々な業界の「新規事業部/イノベーション推進部」と共にディープラーニング技術の社会実装を加速させていきます。 ■現在は、特に画像認識領域に注力しており、先端の技術を使った新規事業の製品開発の支援等、常にチャレンジングなプロジェクトに積極的に参画しております。

How we do

Who we are ■People from many countries work in the office, thus producing a vibrant international environment. ■As we are considering business development around the world in the future, communication in the office is mainly done in English. ■We will make our business global by connecting with talented people, regardless of nationalities and native languages. ■We currently have members from Japan, Taiwan, Romania, France, China, India, Honduras, and Brazil. ■We have specialists who excel in knowledge and experience in their respective fields. 70% of our engineers are AI specialists, and 30% are web engineers. Culture/Working Environment ■Located in central Tokyo, Incubit can easily be accessed by public transportation. ■Remote work is also OK! We believe that results are what matters the most. An employee doesn't necessarily have to be in the office to reach excellent results. Therefore, some employees tailor their own working hours and spend a lot of spare time on hobbies and travel. Who we are ■多くの国々の人々がオフィスで働いており、国際色は非常に豊かです※。今後も世界中でのビジネス展開を検討しているため、オフィス内でのコミュニケーションは英語が中心となります。国籍や言語にとらわれず、世界中にいる優秀な人々とつながり、グローバルなビジネスを実現していきます。 ※日本・台湾・ルーマニア・フランス・中国・インド・ホンジュラス・ブラジル人が在籍中 ■当社は各分野の知識・経験に秀でたスペシャリストが集まります。全従業員中70-80%がエンジニアであり、うち7割はAIエンジニア、3割はWEBエンジニアです。 Culture / Working Environment ■オフィス所在地は東京都心であり、交通アクセスは非常に便利です。 ■リモートワークもOKです!当社は結果や成果が重要だと考えており、仕事を行う際に必ずしもオフィスにいる必要はないと考えております。そのため、勤務時間を工夫し、空いた時間を趣味や旅行に多く費やしている従業員もおります。