What we do

MEMO Plus Production (MEMO) is an integrated Public Relations agency focusing on marketing, profile-raising, relationship and brand management. MEMO has a substantial, strong network of organizations and resources that focus on different industries and coincide with the values and mission of MEMO.

Why we do

MEMO’s MISSION Everyone in MEMO is dedicated to serve clients needs with innovative campaign strategies and network across media and cultural industries. MEMO’s VISION Memo visions to provide a regional platform for creativity and culture, linking artists, designers, filmmakers, photographers and all other cultural practitioners across Hong Kong and become cultural aspirations among the young generation.

How we do

Every project is tailored to the individual client needs. The service we deliver with the incisiveness and creativity of the best journalistic practices. The PR value we deliver to our clients comes from the experience, skills, energy and motivation of our team. We have marketing expertise and unrivalled knowledge of the sectors that will give you the edge over your competition also create the largest market value.