The Connection Between the Government of Japan and Startups

Have a new business idea in Japan?  Looking for some help or hands-on advice? 

It`s a difficult and nerve-racking decision to make the initial plunge into the entrepreneur life and startup world.  There are many challenges an #entrepreneur or #business will face during the startup phase and as you can imagine, things can get even more complicated if you`re not a native of #Japan.  So in early 2015,  a program sponsored by The Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises Regional Innovation, Japan was developed called 中小機構 BusiNest(ビジネスト)to help entrepreneurs and startups build their dreams into reality.BusiNest - Helping a "Business Egg" & Imagination to Fly

Sponsored by The Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises Regional Innovation, Japan was created to help entrepreneurs and startups get advice and support for building a business in Japan.

"Hey, there are many startup programs in Japan."  Yes, I know.  The main differentiator for BusiNest is that it`s an absolutely free program with no fees and no strings attached.  In addition to the mentoring and acceleration program, there are also a number of additional benefits which are available to you.  So what are the perks? 
The Perks.

  1. Accelerator Program with 25+ Mentors and growing
    (Entrepreneurs, Multi-preneurs,CEO`s, CTO`s, VC`s, IPO exits, and more)
  2. Free Office Space at 中小機構 BusiNest(ビジネスト)
  3. Kids Work Room (Workspace for Mothers, Fathers, & their children)
  4. Co-working Space & Meeting Rooms
  5. Seminar and Banquet Rooms
  6. Usage of a multitude of on-site equipment including 3D Printing Equipment
  7. On-premise Hotel (I think it was 2000-3000yen per night), Gym, and Sento (Japanese Public Bath)

    They also host a number of social events.

Most forms are in Japanese but they also provide applications in English. Most of the mentors speak English and previous batches 1 & 2 have had a number of Japanese as well as non-Japanese teams.  Next batch 3 applications have started since July 1st, 2016 and close on August 12, 2016 so if you`re thinking about a #startup in Japan.  Its definitely worth checking out. 
More details can be found here.

BusiNest Accelerator CourseUpcoming Intro Events will be held in Tips Marunouchi. 
July 21st, 2016 - 19:00-21:00
August 10th, 2016 - 19:00-21:00
Details Here.Japan Entrepreneur Club
Ask questions directly to other #entrepreneurs and a few of the mentors including Yoshida-san here
send them an email at businest@smrj.go.jp

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Tech Tip: Most content on the external sites are in Japanese so for English-only folks, try using the Google Chrome browser feature to translate page.
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