What we do

Superbook uses your phone's data, wifi, and bluetooth, so you're always connected. Instant and hassle-free. It is compatible with all modern Android devices. Get a new phone? It's like getting a new laptop free. Powered by Sentio Desktop, an app that makes Android function like a desktop OS. Sentio Desktop provides multi-window support. Check out our app in the Play Store!.

Why we do

The Superbook
What We're Building: Sentio turns your smartphone into a laptop. The key is our software platform, which makes Android function like a desktop, simply by downloading an app - paired with laptop shell hardware to complete the experience. Our flagship shell, the Superbook, has raised over $3.5M in pre-sales since August 2016. Our mission is to enable anyone with a smartphone to access laptop productivity.

How we do

Sentio is a technology company with proprietary hardware and software to transform your smartphone into a laptop. We launched the Superbook on Kickstarter this year, claiming the Most Funded Hardware project at nearly $3M. Our team is led by alumni from Google, Y Combinator, and is backed by prominent VCs including Social Capital and 500 Startups.