What we do

Aria the CEO!
Tees office.
To realise Aria's idealism, he created an on-demand T-shirts designed contest site called Gantibaju three years ago. The uniqueness of the site comes where all the design should have association with "Indonesian Pride". Aria sees T-shirts as a pop media to express love to the country, and feel proud to be an Indonesian. After Gantibaju grew large, now he's moving onto the new site called Tees.co.id, which network designers in Indonesia where designers can sell their designs and earn money, which should support creator's lives.

Why we do

Need A Smile? Take this :) ... love it!!
Our marketer at the office. She's crazy about K-POP.
A founder of Tees.co.id, Aria is a serial entrepreneur, he is in the web industry for almost seven years and Tees.co.id is he's third company. Aria always wanted to do something to make people of Indonesia be proud of themselves. Aria believes in idealism, which should be supported by capitalism in order to realise the ideal world sustainably. Aria says Jakarta gave him so much, so now it's he's turn to return to the community and the country.

How we do

Spotted at the office!
Mr. Nice Guy with fans.
Tees.co.id currently have total three branches around the nation, and total 15 people. Three are engineers including Aria himself, and four community managers who keep users happy. The rest are the marketers and sales to deal with B to B businesses. They are now located in near Tanah Abang. Aria believes, all the team members needs to be able to do everything, must contribute to everything. Attitude to support each other is something he can't teach to people, and he wants to build a team with people like that.