本日ご紹介するのは海外事業担当 Maggie(マギー)さんです!


I was attracted by the concept that TRINUS is a crowd-funding and crowd-sourcing platform where people from all walks of life (particularly the manufacturer, the designer/creator, and the consumer) can meet and create wonderful products. By doing so, everyone has a stage to perform— reaching their full potentials and realizing their dreams. On the other hand, TRINUS’s products are very beautiful and stylish, and I love it when I can have my life filled with beautiful things.



My first impression of Sato san was very positive. He seemed very nice and down-to-earth, and I think this also helps make the TRINUS a great place to work. I also think that it is amazing that Sato san can come up with such a fantastic idea of founding TRINUS, because by doing so, many undiscovered technologies can be fully utilized. What’s even better, these products can make your loved ones happy and their life beautiful. Nothing is better than this.



I’m responsible for overseas business development of TRINUS’s products. I carefully selected good shops that fit TRINUS’s high-end product image and explain in details about the concepts behind our products. Meanwhile, media coverage is also important once we are on the market. I have good connection with numerous overseas media and this is a great way to introduce TRINUS’s concept and product to our overseas customers and fans. Finally, as an experienced product developer, I have strong experience developing fashion goods and lifestyle goods. With my well-constructed database, TRINUS can provide all kinds of OEM/ODM services.



There are times when I get turned down by people. At the beginning it can be very frustrating and sad. However, as people have different taste and preferences, we have to respect each other’s choices. On the other hand, I learned that persistence also works under some circumstances. With continuous persuasion to several shops, I finally have sold our products to them. Good things come to those who wait, and I have great confidence with TRINUS!



As a fan of design goods, I feel like I’m in heaven doing my job. Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos said that his advice for his employees is to stop aiming for work-life “balance.” Instead, he suggested to combine the 2 together. And I cannot agree with this more. It feels great when I get to use my past connection and work experience to contribute to what I’m doing now. I love going to museums and strolling at design goods shops and nice select shops with nice fashion goods. These interests happen to be a good match with TRINU’s products. It feels very rewarding when I successfully promoted one of TRINU’s products to the shops that I also have much passion about.



To see how people from abroad adore TRINUS products and how amazed their facial expressions are when I demonstrate the products to them. I enjoy telling stories to them and it feels great to meet all kinds of people from around the world. To find each other and to feel, I think that’s the purpose of life and it’s when you feel the best while working.



TRINUS office offers a pleasant feeling, as it is filled with beautiful product samples and magazines that featured TRINUS’s products. Many of the magazines that featured TRINUS’s products are actually my favorite reads. The rooftop terrace is also a great place to relax and have a sun bath. TRINUS is where you can freely express your creative ideas and put them into action. The overall ambiance of the work place is very nice and fun, making me feel like home.



Great boss, great colleagues, and the stylish ambiance where you can live with beautiful things all day. Meanwhile, Sato san takes his staff’s thoughts seriously; therefore, each member gets to have lunch with the CEO once a month to make sure that we’re all on the same page so that we can perform our best. Moreover, my colleagues are very friendly and helpful, and we often go to group lunches, too.




While TRINUS is growing day by day, I wish myself for the same thing. I hope to grow and become a better person with the company day by day. For the short term, as I will be at NY NOW this summer, I hope to establish solid relationships with buyers from not only the US but also around the world. As TRINUS is a crow-sourcing platform where wonderful ideas and products are constantly produced, I’d be very happy to deliver as many good products to them as possible.



Come to work with us and discover your true self by being just you, and to actually find out that good jobs really do exist on this planet!


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