Donut is one big family.

In April 2018 we all quit our jobs to join a 'company builder' called Entrepreneur First ( For many of us this meant leaving our lives behind in London, New York, Ireland and France in hope of starting a company.

We all met on the program and decided to build a company to revolutionise how our peers are investing their money. Its been one hell of a journey but we are loving every minute!

The rest is history! We built an MVP, have over 4,000 people on our waitlist and have just closed our Seed round of funding. We're now hiring our first employees and are about to move into a new HQ.

Who we are

  • Neel - CEO - the financial brains behind the operation. Previously @ StudioVC
  • Jordan - CTO - he builds the tech! Previously @ N26.
  • Julian - CMO - spreads the message about Donut. Previously @ Google.
  • Dan - CPO - builds what our users want. Previously @ Accenture Digital.

*We'll be adding 8 people to the Donut family over the next 12 months!

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