About her Art:

After leaving her previous work in Hokkaido, Umetaro has been making her living as an artist for about four years in Tokyo. With no previous official art training, Umetaro had been mainly selling her creations on the street. Umetaro makes comic books such as the "Gokigen Comics"(image above) which tells the everyday life stories of her original characters, and while the base of her artwork has remained consistant, looking back at her past work she notes that there has been a shift from using mainly wood and cardboard as material into utilizing paper for a more comic-book style. She describes her old art as “African influenced art made out of trash” Umetaro explains that she has been interested in art for as long as she has had the ability to draw at a very young age, but has had some reservations in pursuing it, even after initially moving to Tokyo she considered quitting her dream.

Umetaro gathers ideas from her daily life, always carrying a notebook and pen in case any inspiration strikes, she notes Japanese artists Dragon76 and Shinrou Otake who both have African influences and sometimes use trash, like cardboard, as material as inspiration for her unique style. “I don’t know if I can say if it’s a concept but I create something that I can draw relaxed. After I started moving away from paintings and got into drawing comics, I feel like I have accomplished that.” Umetaro wants her wants her comic books to end up all over the world and be translated in many different languages.

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