Case Competition Winner: “Cube city, people’s homes.” by tobii

Last month, Case held a design competition on the case platform.

We would like to congratulate Tan Xun Yi/tobii(artist name) as one of the winners in Case Design Competition 2016! We interviewed him with some questions about his work “Cube city, people's homes.” (The top image in this blog post).

*Case Design Competition 2016 was the first ever competition hosted by Case by Wantedly. The theme was "connection" such as relations and bonds between people.

Q1. What inspired you to do this work?

I was inspired by a number of things to produce this particular piece. I was inspired by traditional japanese houses, and architecture depicted in Studio Ghibli films like Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle. Also I was inspired by Artist Ben Tolman and his intricate drawings.

Q2. Through this work, what did you want to communicate to the audience?

With my work, I have an inclination to attempt intricate drawings, that push the viewer to go in closer to see what actually is going on within the drawing.

Q3. Is there anything that you want to tell to the world about you?

I haven’t been in the art world for long and i am excited with what i already have achieved thus far.
Right now, I am currently in the progress of embarking on a project which i am quite excited about. It's titled: 'Pobjects'. It is a study of people and objects that they choose. I ask people for their responses and illustrate an avatar for them. Everything is documented on Instagram @pobjects. Head on over to instagram to see my work in progress!

tobii have been posting his sketches and snaps from his life on his instagram @smoreyes so don't forget to follow him there as well! Thank you tobii for participating in Case Design Competition.

Following pictures are some other works done by tobii.

In next blog, we will introduce another Case Design Competition winner Steve Lim Seng Hee.

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