Case Competition Winner: “Hands" by Steve Lim Seng Hee

Continuing form the last post,

Congratulations to Steve Lim Seng Hee! Steve has been selected as one of the winners on Case Design Competition 2016. We have asked some questions about his motion graphic work "Hands" (Please watch his work from the link).

*Case Design Competition 2016 was the first ever competition hosted by Case by Wantedly. The theme was "connection" such as relations and bonds between people.

Q1. What inspired you to do this work?

I was intrigued by the existence of telepathy among people that connects each other through subconscious or conscious understanding. This is a form of energy that is really unique and hands are used as metaphors for people and cosmic colours are used to symbolise the transmission of such energy between people in this piece of work. It is an visual experimentation to attempt to translate this invisible energy into motions and graphics.

Q2. Through this work, what did you want to communicate to the audience?

I would like to encourage the audience to question the notion of telepathy, invisible energy and urge them to be more conscious of their physical relationships with the people around them. As contemporary connections among people are based on technology, this may have some adverse impacts on the physicality of human relationships and affect the telepathy capabilities that we may possess.

Q3. Is there anything that you want to tell to the world about you?

I believed that design and graphic designs are important mode of visual language in our contemporary society.They have the strength to critique, incept and question our way of life while they can be fun and engaging.
Although concepts are important in my design thinking and processes, intuitions and passions often drives me to explore new realms.

Thank you for participating in the comepetition Steve!

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