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Happy Belated New Year Everyone! My name is Hanako, a marketing intern for Case by Wantedly. Case is an online platform for artists and designers to discover and interact with creative individuals and companies. If you have not checked out the website, now is the time to visit!

Sorry that we haven’t been active on the Case blog. We will try to use this blog more often this year. Recently, I felt something is missing on Case. As an artist myself, Case is a good place to show art works, but it is just for uploading projects and it does not mean that more people come to see your work. I realized that there is less support for the users. Thus, I came up with an idea to hold online interviews of artists and users to help promote themselves and tell more about them to the world. In addition, I personally believe that knowing about the artist gives more depth into their creations.

On the Case Creator’s blog, I am going to introduce artists and designers who are using Case. I hope this blog can help them to get more viewers from all over the world. This time I would like to introduce Oscar Ramos. (All the images belong to Oscar)

What is your name and what do you do?

I'm Oscar Ramos, freelance illustrator. I develop mainly illustrations for advertising with agencies from all over the world, but I do editorial illustration and work as art director for audiovisual projects too.

How long have you been doing it?

I started working “officially” as an illustrator when my daughter was born, in 2009. But my history as an illustrator, it's a little more long.

What made you to do it?

I started learning the basis of illustration around 1995 when, after finishing my career of graphic design, I worked with a famous chilean advertising illustrator learning drawing, color, the work with airbrush and a lot of about the world of commercial art. A few years later I had to put aside the illustration to work on editorial and web design. Then I become a 2D animator doing commercials, music videos, and animated series for tv in my own small production company with some partners, having a lot of fun and great learning. Finally in 2009 I decided to work alone in my real passion, that is illustration.

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I was born in Chile, in the city of Concepción in 1972, but I have lived most of the time in Santiago, the capital of Chile where i live now.

How do you work? Do you have any software or medium you always work with?

I have worked for a long time only in digital, in Photoshop, although before I worked in Adobe Illustrator. However my style definitely evolved towards digital painting and Photoshop covers all my expectations in that sense. The sketch stage is the most important, working very roughly, then to add layers more and more defined. Then in the painting stage, I work with many layers to achieve the best possible definition but without losing speed, defining the main color areas, then adding volume and details and integrating the elements. I mainly use standard Photoshop brushes and I'm creating brushes when I need to create special textures. In general I start with the plain color bases, then add volumes with shadows, then the occlusions and then the lights, increasing the contrast gradually, as well as the level of detail.

Do you have anyone or anything(books, movies, etc.) you respect or strongly get inspired?

Of course I have a lot of referent artists that influence my work: illustrators, traditional painters, caricaturists, cartoonists. It is not easy to determine which one has influenced me the most, but I can mention the caricaturist Mark Fredrickson, with his well-known style of realistic finish and extreme perspectives, and on the other hand, Low-brow painters like Mark Ryden. From the beginning these motivated me to develop my style of digital painting.

How do you get inspirations or come up with new ideas?

I do not believe too much on inspiration, I just think I love drawing and at the same time I'm very self-critical about what I do, that's because I'm always working hard to improve my style. So I'm constantly trying to find out where to go, improving color, trying to draw with more character and fluency, etc. I'm always attentive and amazed by the work of other artists, these can be photographers, 3D artists, animators, painters, sculptors, etc., but I look at everything from the focus that I want to give my own language, so always there are things and small ideas that I want and I can try on every new project.

Where do you usually work at? Do you have a favorite place? (home, cafe, studio, parks, etc.)

I work at home, all the time, I wish I could go to work at some coffee shop (I really need too much coffee !!) and change the air, but I'm too used to working on my big desktop PC, with my big wacom tablet and my 2 big monitors, you see, walking with all that in tow is impossible, and that's not grandiose. But I think I feel very fortunate to work so close to my family, that's great.

Check more works done by Oscar on Case!

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