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Meet the company, you'll love working for. Visit the people, you'll love working with.

A job search service like no other

Wantedly may seem like your typical job search website but we’re so much more than that. Wantedly’s ‘Visit’ function makes us a unique service like no other. It’s a new take on how people seek jobs. It’s the ‘key’ to meeting your dream team.

You might be asking... “What is this ‘Visit’ function?”

Wantedly’s ‘Visit’ function gives you the opportunity to discover a career you love.

On a regular job search website, you look for openings based on your requirements. You apply by sending in your resume with hopes of landing an interview.

With Wantedly's 'Visit', instead of officially applying for a position and sitting down for a formal interview, you can visit a company of your interest and have a casual chat with the team first. It’ll be like getting to know someone on a first date!

‘Visit’ for a casual conversation

On other job portals, even if you find a company or a position you're interested in, it’s difficult to take action if you’re not looking to change your job immediately.

On Wantedly, if you find a company that remotely sparks your interest, you can first make a casual visit and talk to the team. If you like what you see and hear, you can follow-up with an official application.

Consider it an informational session

You’ll meet the teammates you’d be working with. You’ll learn about their values and company culture. You’ll experience the environment you’d be working in. You’ll see how they work. The atmosphere and the workplace. If they’re enjoying what they do. If they’re lively and passionate. All, without the hassle of a long screening process.

One office visit will tell you more than a hundred job postings.

Discover companies that inspire you

Wantedly is uniquely built for you to find companies you’d like to visit.

Surely our job postings will spark your interest. We’re confident you’ll want to make a visit.

Our clear, concise, and compelling job postings are written in a WHY, HOW, WHAT format that allows you to easily understand the company’s values and mission.

Detailed hiring terms and conditions are not mentioned. Nor are salaries and benefits.

Wantedly’s ‘Visit’ is based on your interests. Our priority is for you to find companies you relate to or that inspires you. 'Visit' them first, specifics can be negotiated later.

The ‘Visit’ option instead of ‘Apply’

The purpose of our service is not for you to ‘Apply’, but for you to ‘Visit’ and learn more about the company.

If a job posting captures your attention, give ‘Visit’ a try!

The three choices of ‘Visit’

After clicking ‘Visit’, you can express your level of interest by choosing one of three choices. One choice is for you to make a visit and have a casual chat with the team. You also have the choice of ‘officially applying and being interviewed immediately’ or ‘before visiting, ask a few questions online’.

Let’s start ‘Visiting’!

Look for companies with which you share the same values. Instead of polishing up your resume, create a Wantedly profile that depicts your passions and ambition. Click the ‘Visit’ button and express your level of interest. If you get a response, arrange a time and day to ‘Visit’.

We hope you find the job of your dreams! Start discovering!

Wantedly is a Tokyo-listed company founded in 2010, with the mission to Create a World where Work drives Passion. We provide a social recruitment platform that connects like-minded companies and talents based on their passions and interests. We currently have over 30,000 companies using our services, e.g. Sony, Airbnb, HKBN, 9GAG, with over 1.2 million monthly active users!
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