$12 Vegan Lippies That Are Perfect For Work

The debate over whether liquid lipstick or classic lipstick is better continues.

For the uninitiated, liquid lipstick is bullet lipstick's cooler, younger, maybe even sassier sister — it's a fun, pigmented as heck alternative — and it's all the rage right now. Even Blogger Queen Xiaxue swears by it as a life-changing beauty invention.

However, I beg to differ. I’ll admit, it is a fresh change from the usual but you don’t mess with the OG. Confessions of a beauty junkie: Classic bullet lipsticks are so much easier to work with from application, touch up to removal.

Cue Tulips Cosmetics: Your one-stop shop for the cutest cosmetics ever! Psst...did we mention they sell vegan beauty products? 😍

Proud advocates of Diversity, the team behind Tulips are also big on inclusivity 🤟🏻🤟🏼🤟🏽🤟🏾🤟🏿 They constantly try to expand their products, provide more favourable range of choices and offer versatility. So, from everyone to anyone — of all backgrounds, can enjoy beauty 💄💋

We know there's a perfect power lipstick out there for every person. Stay on trend this fall with the hottest shades of the season with Tulips Cosmetics!

Strut Like A B0$$

Some might wonder if it’s really work appropriate. I say, “Hell yes!” *air pump* ✊

Red lipsticks have stood the test of time and there are even shades of red that have become cult favourites all around the world. A well-executed red lip gives you the ultimate #alpha vibe which is the exact confidence boost you need at work.

Make it rain red with Tulips’ Queen Bee: It’s classic yet modern and adds a pop of colour to your face. The best part, it’s a look anyone can pull off 💁

Beauty Junkie’s Tip: Have you ever had lipstick stains on your teeth? It’s almost as bad as having broccoli stuck in between your front tooth🙊 Try ‘popping’ your lipstick. Place your finger in your mouth, gently wrap your lips around, and pull it out. See that ring of red around your finger? That's what could have ended up on your pearlie white teeth.


Everybody loves a bold look but you can never go wrong with a nude lip #MyLipsButBetter.

From the dark chocolate cool chic vibe to peachy rose shades, Tulips Cosmetics has got you covered with their classic nude in Eye Candy! These stain lipsticks are perfect for work in the morning and long after your day at the office, great for a Girls’ Night Out too! 💃

Anyone can wear nude lipstick, you just have to find the shade that flatters your complexion! 🤗

Beauty Junkie’s Tip: To achieve the perfect #MLBB look, choose a slightly darker shade of nude than your skin tone. The right shade is the perfect balance of warm and cold; it shouldn’t be orange neither should it wash you out with a grey hue.

Shades to Stun

Let’s get this straight: deep, dark lips aren’t just for fall and emo kids 🎃👻

As a fan of non-traditional/vampy shades, I find darker shades an absolute game-changer. #TBH, I don’t think that there is anything inherently unprofessional about wearing bold lipsticks. As the old saying goes, ‘Go bold big or go home!’

Beauty Junkie’s Tip: Lip balm is essential if you want smooth lips and to prevent the colour from bleeding or feathering out. If a dark lipstick bleeds outside the lip line, it will be a lot more noticeable compared to the nude ones ☝

Pucker Up

National Lipstick Day might be over but that doesn’t mean we cannot stay glamorous all day er day. You might be surprised how a simple swatch of colour can ooze so much confidence 💋

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