What we do

Xccelerate enables students and companies to acquire the skills they need in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Software Engineering and User Experience Design (UX). We are currently based in Hong Kong, where we are working to build a strong, scalable model that we can expand throughout Asia within the next year.

Why we do

Our mission is to provide accessible, cutting-edge tech education to empower individuals, businesses, and communities globally.

How we do

We are a young energetic team of enthusiasts, with members from world-wide ranging from Hong Kong, USA, UK, and India. Our team is driven to improve society and human well-being through tech education. We highly value each voice in the team, as we fearlessly push through borders by close collaboration on audacious ideas. Our team strives by constantly improving, elevating the living standards for our learners, instructors and communities and unleashing talent to fight global problems. We adapt the “FASTER” CULTURE. F: Flawless Empowerment Mission > team > me. A: Audacious Execution We ONLY stand for world-class excellence. S: Simply Innovate Better, Faster, Cheaper (Tech + Data + Magic) T: Transformative Outcomes Pioneering Long-Term Net Societal Benefit E: Everyday Kaizen Start Small. Dream Big. Learn Fast. R: Respectful Collaboration Small Teams = Big Results (1 + 1 = 11)