What we do

About Us: We embarked on the journey of Yolo Technology in 2016 as a forerunner of technological evolution and innovation to bring a change in the world. We aspire to reach out to people with ingenious application of industrial scientific knowledge and proffer people a tech-friendly smooth world. Our organization seeks to build a society where technological transformation will be consumed by people at large. We believe, bringing a change to the world we live in through technological revolution is a chance once in a lifetime. Hence, the name YOLO emerges which stands for You Only Live Once.

Why we do

Mission: Our mission is to emancipate people by introducing and incorporating our technological products to their daily lives. Motivation: We solely believe in this saying of one of the world’s greatest tech entrepreneurs. In our organisation, our people, our co-operation, our will power to work hard and bring pioneering changes to our society are our motivational strengths. Our passionate team with its dynamic diversity runs the core of our institution. Our work ethic is, “United we stand, divided we fall. ’’

How we do

We offer a tool which harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and tested metrics to make best-fit matches between every company’s unique business needs and our established pool of qualified candidates.