Much can be done in little Time

Lars Larsson

Dreamly - CEO & CTO

About my work experience

My former employer is a startup in the Digital Advertisement Industry with the purpose of becoming a new type of Adserver. Early on they booked a demo with a potential customer. At that time we had nothing to show, only designs of the system. So in four months time we needed to produce something usable for a demo that we also could continue to build on.

Difficulties I faced

The big problem was how we could demo our simplified ad creation process with the tracking before the demo. We needed the management interface, ad server, integration systems and frontend facing APIs to make it all spin, even for the demo case.

What I learned

I learned the importance of being agile & lean especially in short timeframes with a lot to do. Thanks to this we were able to go through with the demo as a success and, without problem, continue developing the code base that we had produced for the demo.

Dreamly - CEO & CTO
◆株式会社ドリームリーCEO.スウェーデン出身. スウェーデン王立工科大学卒フルスタックエンジニア. 英語・日本語・スウェーデン語のマルチリンガル. ◆Stockholm・東京でのエンジニア経験を経て、2019年香川にて起業(2017年日本移住). 日本のパブリックサービスIT化の遅れを大問題だと感じ、業務プロセスの効率化をミッションに掲げ活動中.また、県内民間初のインキュベーション構想にも参画. KTH Royal Institute of Technology卒業. Founder & CEO & CTO @ Dreamly - a GovTech SDG startup ...
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