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Job seekers

Just what is "The Wantedly Way?"

We believe it's high time social media should be put to work to help you find a job you're passionate about and help link together the tools for those passionate teams to get stuff done.


 Gone are the days of so-called “lifetime employment” where you were all but guaranteed a job from the time you got out of school until retirement age. That’s been the case for at least 2 decades in many places like America but in our native Japan where this is still typical, it is starting to show up in statistics. This also means that most people have to go through the job-seeking process more than once in their lives.

Job hunting SUCKS.

Think about the last time you looked for a job. Endless hours proofing your resume, entering in the same information on countless job board websites, tweaking targeted cover letters, and if you’re a creative/technical professional that also means getting your websites, code repos, demo reels, and more sorted… you know they’re going to just be entered into some database where some emotionless program parses through all the keywords looking for a certain combination to flag and pass on to a human.

Most of the applications for a job posting don’t even get looked at by a HUMAN because they’re rejected by a BOT!

If you’re one of the lucky ones to get your resume in front of the HR person and some company, you’re still in for a phone call at the least plus a number of interviews that feel more like you’re on trial at court rather than seeking employment.

Wait– its 2015 right? Why are we using 20th century job hunting ideas in the 21st century? If companies are posting jobs on the internet, and we’re applying for them on the internet, then why are we not willing to harness the power of the internet to simplify the process?

We at Wantedly did just that.

Wantedly uses your Social Graph to match your passions with organizations that share the same vision.

Your CV doesn’t speak to your emotions, and no nail-biting, bullet-sweating interview is going to tell the story of who you are, and why you’re here. Only YOU can tell that story, and we at Wantedly make that easier.

Is this a job interview or an interrogation?

Instead of a normal job posting that lists duties, skills, and salary information, Wantedly helps companies show who they are, why they exist, what their vision is, and what kinds of talent they are looking for. If you like where they’re coming from, you can support them and arrange a “meet & greet” to get to know them better, and they can get to know you.

Think of it like a “play date” for job hunting

This informal setting puts you on the same footing as the potential company and allows everyone to be candid and honest. And these meet & greets can happen in any setting; we’ve had clients meet at trade fairs, pub crawls, and even surfing!

Don’t just get a job, get your passion!

We’ve heard the saying “If you have fun at your job, it’s not a job!” before. We here at Wantedly want to make sure we create the perfect method to ensure everyone can have a shot at that lifestyle.

Create your profile and start searching for your dream job today!