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Why the "playground" still matters to us...

Remember when you were a kid and class-time was that boring part that bookended the best parts of everyday-- recess? Of course the grown-ups made it a point to remind you that recess was the least important part of school, and you should be studying reading, writing and arithmetic. But maybe they had it slightly wrong...


Consider this:

More social skills are learned during playtime than at any other part of a child's day

Remember the time you shared your favorite candy bar with your bestie, raced to the end of the field with the slightly taller kid, or finally won a game of "king of the mountain" on the jungle gym? In reality you were learning how to share resources, challenge yourself, and learn from past mistakes!

Work should be more like a rich, lively playground than a stark classroom.

More and more companies are adopting amenities like open-floor office space, stand-up meetings, free food & drink, and a casual work environment. Of course this is all for show if other intangible methods like open-door policies, multiple communications streams, and respecting organic synergies aren't also encouraged as well.

The age of the "virtual office space" is upon us.

The enterprise is finally respecting and using the concept of "ad-hoc teambuilding" and remote working technology to form a sort of work environment that is dynamic and project based, allowing for teams to grow and shrink at will. Collaborators can be members of several projects at once if capable, gaining more experience in the process; much more than if they were expected to work in the same cubicle for the same department day after day, year after year.

We don't know if you'll be this happy at your next job as this kid on the swing, but we'll help you try to get close!

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