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MAS - Journeys




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Ogilvy Malaysia 2013 MAS - Journeys This film is part of an integrated campaign to launch the brand’s new belief of “Journeys are made by people you travel with.”The commercial is inspired by human life and the bigger journeys that make it. Celebrating our life journeys that are made so meaningful by the people that help us get there or inter acted with along the way.Exactly like Malaysia Airlines award winning cabin crew that has your best interests at heart and is committed to make your journey a remarkable one.The ‘Journeys’ campaign, launched on 17 June in Malaysia, is the beginning of an extensive campaign that expands beyond Malaysia. The campaign, covering markets across Malaysia and ASEAN, UK, Europe and China, is the first major brand campaign in recent years, signalling greater things ahead for the premium airline. The spot was shot in Shanghai, Prague and Kuala Lumpur with over 300 talents of different nationality across all ages. The charm of this spot was also in “casting” 400 over suitcases from old antique ones, custom made, and new suitcase as well as talents very own suitcases. Each suitcase has a personality and joins our characters on their journey. Production Company: Stink, ShanghaiDirector: Andy Fogwill Awards Won: Kancil 2014Silver - FILM, BroadcastSilver - FILM Craft, Art DirectionSilver - FILM Craft, Film DirectionSilver - FILM Craft, CinematographyBronze - FILM Craft, Best Use of MusicMerit - FILM Craft, Editing

Production Company: Stink, Shanghai

Director: Andy Fogwill



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