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Amerta Agung Kencana




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Amerta Agung Kencana is a new distribution company. The design requirements are the logo looks clean, easy to remember and ready for adjustments. The main color based on the client’s request is blue, red and grey. No pictures are requested, except something that will represent the business. The word “Amerta” in Sanskrit language means “infinity, eternity”. However, in the final logo, we stressed the distribution business. Since the word “amerta” is unique by itself, we use the initial for the logo. A strong font with double line is chosen. To depict the distribution part, we use an arrow that cuts through both of the lines from the inside. It gives a unique yet quite memorable. The font is sans serifs style, to give it a more modern look. The layout of the company name is made in 3 lines, so when applied on various media it won’t use too much space. It looks more compact with the same height of the logo.

As part of the brand identity, the company needs stationary set including business card, letterhead, envelope, stamps, notebook.The design direction is clean and simple design. No clutter or much background on the design. The main color still dark blue and for the font color we use black.