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Intern Who's Passionate About People To Be Our User Happiness Hero!


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  • Banking and consultant background. Music lover. #GETSHIFTDONE

What we do

We help people in need find jobs that provides flexibility!

GoGENIE is a leading hiring app in the temporary and part time staffing industry. Over 80,000 people and 3,000 businesses use us to hire. Find out how you can find your temporary or part time staff now!

Awards won:
Harvard Business School Association Hong Kong Startup of the Year 2016- Gold,
HKICT awards Best Mobile application 2016-Bronze,
Asia Smartphone Awards 2016-Merit,
Hong Kong Business Magazine-2016 Best startup,
Cocoon Fall - 2016 Champion,
The HKFYG-Jockey Club Social Innovation-2016 Bronze,
HKSEC Champion 2015,
CoCreator Champion 2015

2016 香港資信及科技手機應用程式-銅獎,
香港商業雜誌 2016 最佳初創企業,
2016 ⻘協賽馬會社創中⼼社會創新挑戰 銅獎,
2015香港社會企業挑戰賽 冠軍,
2015香港青年協會-Co-Creator Impact Night 冠軍

Why we do

GoGENIE helps people in need to find an extra income through temporary jobs and help SMEs and businesses solve the problem of finding reliable temporary workers.

Finding reliable temporary staff is a huge issue: it is currently time-consuming, requires a lot of screening, noshow rate for interview goes as high as 90%, no show on the day of work is even worse. Many industries such as Food and Beverages, Exhibition and Events, Import/Export need temporary staff.

GoGENIE provides an ondemand temporary staffing solution, quickest matching rate from posting a job to hiring is now 2 minutes.

職神於2015年成立,是香港領先的求職電話程式及網站,擁有獨特的全新的網上散工,兼職,全職招聘服務。 為企業,中小企以及求職者減少了聘用的時間,帶來方便。 我們希望能夠幫到各位找到又公平又可信的僱主,職神團隊現正努力地尋找好僱主及可靠的求職者!

How we do

Genie is the marketplace that connects businesses to a network of temporary job-seekers. Our goal is to revolutionise the hiring process of temporary workers for businesses. Our mission is to eliminate market inefficiency in the temporary job market, and offer businesses quality temporary workers in under 30 seconds.

Genie primarily focuses on providing matching for low-complexity jobs. These are jobs that are in high demand, but require relatively fewer qualifications. Examples include brand ambassadors at events and exhibitions, field promoters, conference and event helpers and office clerks.

Genie is the simplest and best solution for a business to hire temporary staff. Genie wishes to become the first truly global mobile workforce, and provide both employers and employees a secure marketplace where they can hire or work for anyone, anywhere, any time.


職神是最方便快捷的臨時工作招聘方案, 我們希望為雇主和員工提供一個安全高效的聘僱平台。

As a new team member

Are you passionate about people? Are you good at spotting influencers?

If you are a happy person by nature and you are curious about people, you might be the right user happiness hero we are looking for! Our mission is to provide more flexible job opportunities and to help employers to solve their hiring problems! We are now looking for interns who feel passionate about what we do, want to learn more and want to grow with us. Someone who likes to spread our joy to the world :)

● You will be helping marketing team and sales team to gain a deeper understanding of our users needs.
● By speaking to our jobseekers, you will be able to find out more about their backgrounds, their story and understand how we can be of help.
● By speaking to our employers, you will be able to solve problems for them.
● Resolves customer complaints by investigating problems; developing solutions; making recommendations to management.
● You will need to understand our app very well to be able to give recommendations to users.
● Activate Members - helping people take predefined actions in our product
● Retain Users - helping people become habitual users of our product through account management

● Excellent communicator who is able to build a rapport
● Goal oriented and able to work independently
● Persistent and resilient
● Active thinker who is optimistic, cheerful and enthusiastic
● Must be communicative to work well in a team environment
● Driven and enthusiastic, has a go-get-it attitude.
● Observant and attentive

Complete your Wantedly profile and click on the "Want To Visit" button to connect with us! We look forward to speaking to you soon!

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  • Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
  • Intern Who's Passionate About People To Be Our User Happiness Hero!