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Global Retail & Distribution Manager

Soundbrenner Limited

What we do

Founded in 2014 by three entrepreneurial musicians, Soundbrenner is headquartered in Hong Kong and has an additional office in Berlin. With rhythm being a universal challenge, Soundbrenner aspires to touch the life of every single musician on the planet.

At Soundbrenner, we firmly believe musicians aren't born - they're crafted from practice. And to deliver the best possible practice experience, we've created wearable tools, combined with great software.

Why we do

Soundbrenner builds the world’s first wearable smart device for musicians, combining hardware products with mobile and desktop apps into holistic solutions that empower musicians.

Our products:
The best free metronome app: The Metronome
Smart vibrating metronome: Pulse
4-in-1 music tools in your watch: Core

How we do

By bringing modern technology and design to instrumentalists, we aim to help every musician on the planet to master their craft. It's our goal to inspire the world to embark on this epic journey for musical greatness, and we celebrate all those who are already in pursuit of it!

As a new team member

Job Summary
This is a unique opportunity for a highly motivated individual. You will be in charge of global product distribution at Soundbrenner. You will work with retailers and wholesalers from the US, Germany, China, Japan and many other countries. You’ll develop new relationships with partners in untapped key markets as well as maintain relationships in already existing markets.
As global retail & distribution manager you will be working hand in hand with the company founders and you will be one of the most defining pieces in the future of Soundbrenner.
What you’ll do:

Turn in-bound leads of retailers and distributors into customers and initiate outreach to build new relationships with partners in untapped markets.

Organize and visit global music exhibitions such as NAMM in Los Angeles or Musikmesse in Shanghai.

Drive sell in, sell through and manage inventory levels with key accounts. Conduct regular reviews of business performance of our partners. Identify new opportunities for channel development and implement market penetration sales activities.

Work closely with internal cross-functional teams to develop new item launch strategy and account specific channel marketing programs to increase shelf space and drive sell through.

International travel to close new accounts and nurture relationships with existing accounts.

Build go to market plans for new product introductions.

Development opportunities to manage an international sales team with regional hubs in North America, Europe and Asia.

What we’re looking for:

You’re a Hong Kong identity card holder or have work permission in Hong Kong already

You already have 2 years of experience in similar roles

You already have experience managing Retail and Distribution partner relationships. Knowledge of music equipment or consumer electronics industry is an advantage.

You’re passionate about the sales process and inspiring other people. You enjoy winning over our partners in sales meetings. Nothing could be more exciting to you than getting a no and turning that into a yes.

You need to care deeply about doing great work. You need to derive your satisfaction not from praise, but from being proud of what you accomplished yourself. Work needs to play a major part in your life and your priorities. As member of Soundbrenner you are building a company from the ground up. That means your life right now needs to be all about growing, learning and building.

You need to be able to think outcome oriented. You always need to understand why you are ultimately doing something and constantly ask yourself if what you are currently doing is the best way to achieve it.

Challenges and problems don’t scare you. If you are surrounded by problems, you don’t focus on what’s wrong but on how you can solve it.

You will have to wear many hats and do things for the first time on a regular basis. That means you need to be good at learning new things quickly without any outside guidance. You should be able to identify what’s important & find shortcuts as fast as possible.
What it’s like working at Soundbrenner

If you are like us you have a passion for great design, technology and hardware. At Soundbrenner you get the chance to make this passion your job. Working for a hardware company you get to witness the miracles of making something out of nothing and holding your own product in your hand. What could be more exciting?

At Soundbrenner we value justice and we value fairness. If you are capable of adding a lot of value to the company, you will be compensated accordingly. That’s why we are more than happy to offer exceptional employees stock options. All you need to worry about is doing what you love to do: A great job.

You will work with highly motivated people in an intense work environment. As a result you will experience a steep learning curve and have the chance to grow in rapid speed together with the company. It will be quite fast paced and a hell a lot of fun.

The work we do at Soundbrenner has the potential to touch the life of every single musician on the planet. If we are successful your work may influence an entire industry for the better. We love music and working on something that matters inspires us to give our best every single day.

Opportunity to help build a company in close collaboration with the founding team.

At Soundbrenner you have an abundance of freedom and are only responsible for the results you produce. We think you know best how you can do great work, so it’s up to you how to get to the finish line.
You understand that your ideas have the potential to change the world? You don’t just dream to get something done - you are willing to take the first steps with all its consequences? Then you might fit right in. Please send your application to jobs@soundbrenner.com.

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