Firmware Engineer (Bare Metal & Android Platform)
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Firmware genie wanted!! We need you to fulfill our tech wishes

Transform your smartphone into a laptop

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What we do

Superbook uses your phone's data, wifi, and bluetooth, so you're always connected. Instant and hassle-free. It is compatible with all modern Android devices. Get a new phone? It's like getting a new laptop free. Powered by Sentio Desktop, an app that makes Android function like a desktop OS. Sentio Desktop provides multi-window support. Check out our app in the Play Store!.

Why we do

  • The Superbook

What We're Building:
Sentio turns your smartphone into a laptop. The key is our software platform, which makes Android function like a desktop, simply by downloading an app - paired with laptop shell hardware to complete the experience. Our flagship shell, the Superbook, has raised over $3.5M in pre-sales since August 2016.
Our mission is to enable anyone with a smartphone to access laptop productivity.

How we do

Sentio is a technology company with proprietary hardware and software to transform your smartphone into a laptop. We launched the Superbook on Kickstarter this year, claiming the Most Funded Hardware project at nearly $3M. Our team is led by alumni from Google, Y Combinator, and is backed by prominent VCs including Social Capital and 500 Startups.

As a new team member

Job Description:
Sentio is looking for a firmware engineer mastering Bare metal firmware development, as well as Android platform integration to join the Sentio Asia team. This position is based in Hong Kong. This position is an exciting opportunity to work on the spirit of the product itself, turning exciting hardware into an awesome product.
You will report directly to the Head of Hardware, and work on our products firmware to bring them to the next level.

- Define and implement firmware features (bare metal & RTOS, on ARM Cortex M)
- Implement and control unit tests
- Implement test line softwares for manufacturing lines
- Work on Android Platform integration on Sentio products
- Implement Linux drivers and Android API when needed
Resilient, ready to tackle complex problem, fearless when it comes to coding
- Be a key member of the firmware QA process

Your background:
- Degree in Computer Science/Real Time Engineering or Electrical Engineering
- At least 3 years of experience working in similar positions
- Fluent in English, Chinese (Mandarin) is a plus.
- Proficient with Linux Kernel, LKM, and Android (AOSP)
- Proficient with bare metal development (preferably on ARM Cortex M0)
- Full proficiency in C++, C, and Python, (ARM Assembly,Java are a plus)
- Pro-active, self motivated, willing to learn new technologies
You use Linux as your desktop, use git, and Vim your editor of choice
- “Never give up” attitude
- For you, a problem is just a solution in progress
- Code is art, (sometimes art could be better coded). Han shot first

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Firmware genie wanted!! We need you to fulfill our tech wishes
Transform your smartphone into a laptop