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What we do

INTELLLEX (intelllex.com) is a SaaS workspace that brings modern interfaces and intelligence to legal practice. We want to be the go-to platform that makes the lawyer’s working life more productive and pleasant.

Our technology will supercharge lawyer capabilities by providing convenient access to knowledge, unraveling insights from previous work done, and shortening the legal research process.

All in all, we help modern lawyers redefine how law practice can intersect with AI technology.

Why we do

Read more about our story (with a team pic!) here: (http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/start-up-makes-case-for-a-knowledge-bank).

How we do

As lawyers work in teams or departments, we have designed our workspace to allow for information to be shared and accessed collectively. Our enterprise version, INTLX Enterprise, helps unlock the latent knowledge in documents to allow lawyers to tap on their team-mates’ expertise in an easy manner. This allows law firms to now empirically take stock of the work its lawyers have done and have a better understanding of the kind of expertise it has.

As a new team member

What will you do?
● Build performant big data solution on a Lambda architecture
● Explore NoSQL databases such as Cassandra, HBase
● Codify our core resources in Terraform
● Coordinate, streamline and automate data ingestion to our data warehouse
● Enhance our kubernetes applications with better security and networking
● Improve the NLP capabilities of our search engine
● Streamline our release processes
● Perform data pre-processing to aid our data scientist’s work
● Automate internal processes

What skills do you need?
● Exceptional understanding in networking and security
● At least 3 years of experience managing AWS infrastructure and container technologies
● Proficiency in Java is mandatory to integrate various Apache frameworks
● Experience and deep knowledge in building distributed systems
● Good amount of experience administering mainstream databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL
● Familiarity with Solr

What skills will give you bonus points?
● Time spent in the field of back-end technologies
● Proficient in modern languages such as Scala, Python, Ruby
● Written automation scripts on Ansible, Puppet, or Chef
● Experience deploying on CoreOS

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