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Want Rockstar Backend Developer to drive scale and automation to catch up with growth!

Riotly Social Media

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  • Ho Yin is a serial entrepreneur with experience in ecommerce, growth marketing, and social media. With over 7 years of experience he has scaled businesse from zero to $10M in revenue within 3 years.

  • Russell is the CTO of the company and focuses on leading the team to develop the technology platform for the company.

What we do

Riotly Social is a premium B2B Instagram Management Service, we help small/medium businesses who use Instagram to grow their followers, increase engagement, and increase revenues. We are already profitable and growing aggressively. Launched in 2015, Riotly makes it effortless for businesses to reach out to target customers and build relationships that make them a follower and increases their chance of becoming a real customer. On average 80% of our customers experience an increase in sales with our service with many fully developing Instagram as another main source of revenue. We are growing over 10% per month in customers and revenues, over 800 paying customers, and more demand than we can handle. We are now hiring an Account Manager to help us with our fast-paced growth.

Why we do

At Riotly, we are solving two key problems facing small/medium businesses on instagram, first it is hard to differentiate and expose your brand as there are too many businesses. Second it is difficult to derive revenue from customers as there is no active sales assistance to convert viewers into paying customers. We strive to solve these two problems with our platform that helps businesses reach out to their target customers and then interact with them through live chat to help them purchase.

How we do

We look for smart, driven, and individuals who are hungry to learn. We look for hard workers who love to help customers, but also like to think of new ways to solve problems. We love data driven learning, and particularly people who are willing to constantly test and try new things in order to make mistakes and learn from them. If you think you are the right fit for our dynamic, hard working culture, please apply!

Check out more about culture here! https://vanna.com/companies/explore/riotlysocial

As a new team member

About You
You are a hybrid software engineer. You can cross systems, DevOps, and application software boundaries. You have a history of shipping high-quality production code in one or more of the following Python, Node.js, Java, and C# (if you are proficient in other languages please apply and let us know!). You are skilled working directly on the command line. You embrace automation and take pride in building internal tools to help your team be more efficient. You are not afraid to jump into application code to ship a new feature or infrastructure code to help scale a system.

You solve challenges involving scaling, reliability, high availability, data pipelines, micro-services, and more in your day-to-day work. You are comfortable building and scaling applications on one or more technologies, including Python, Sanic, Docker, Kubernetes, Redis, Memcache, and MySQL.

You have experience working with databases. You are comfortable modeling database schemas and writing queries across a variety of data sources. You are able to build up data processing pipeline for Data ETL.

You have worked with teams before scaling large projects. You understand that automation plays a critical role in scaling. You have designed and implemented systems in a distributed manner and are comfortable scaling these systems across hundreds of servers. You have no problem keeping systems like these running even while you sleep…because you've automated it.

You love prototyping ideas and iterating them to solve the problem in a fast manner.

You love learning and focus on self-improvement. You not only enjoy playing with new technologies but also open minded to exploring new concepts and skills.

You are very communicative in the way how you talk, write, and code. You over-communicate to ensure everyone is on the same page and always ask clarifying questions refraining from making assumptions.

You are proactive, a doer, and biased towards action.Even when you have nothing to do, you will find something to do.

Things You Might Do
Riotly Social is a small, fast-growing, and partially remote company, we are constantly testing new product and new ideas by prototyping them. Here are some things you'll probably do:

-Solve and implement scalability improvements to keep tasks running efficiently for our customer
-Implement systems to improve efficiency and quality of jobs for developer, operations and customer service, even sales.
-Automate disaster recovery efforts, including introducing random "chaos" into the system to test and improve overall resilience to failures
-Build tooling to increase visibility into our running production systems, measure performance continuously, and act upon changes
-Experiment a lot, as we are a startup, things change quickly
What we offer

We are looking for remote team members to join our company

Here is what we offer:
-Work in Hong Kong or work remotely!
-1 annual company retreat to an exotic place
-Learning and development stipend
-Work productivity stipend if you need a place to work or better internet

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Riotly Social Media
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  • Want Rockstar Backend Developer to drive scale and automation to catch up with growth!
    Riotly Social Media