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【性格診斷】搵工搵到懷疑人生? 你嘅手指可能係你嘅明燈👉💡Are you lost? Let your fingers lead your way!


What we do


MiQi provides fingerprint profiling service to corporate and individuals. We are the first to innovate and applies technology to fingerprint profiling. Everyone’s fingerprints are unique. They reflect your brain development when you are an embryo. The readings of fingerprints are scientific, it is part of neurology, genetics and statistics.

By just reading your thumb, we can tell your inborn personality. After 10 years of practice, we have developed 7 typical personality types and each of them is represented by a lovely animal.

Why we do


Believe it or not, making the world better with fingerprint profiling is our mission.
Prior to achieving this, people are to be changed and workplaces, where we all have to face, to follow.
Through fingerprint profiling, you can better understand your characteristics and strengths, while learning how to deal with the relationships in your company.
Perhaps progressing step by step, the world will become a more ideal place for us all.

How we do




Our signature fingerprint assessment is for the one-to-one consultation, with full assessment of your 10 fingers, and computer statistic report will be generated, with figures benching marking with over 100,000 population in our database. You will know your inborn:

interpersonal Ability
intrapersonal ability
mathematic and logical abilities
spatial thinking and 3-dimension abilities
big and fine muscle abilities
music and speech abilities
visual and reading abilities

These areas shown above are just the tip of an iceberg and there are still many factors affecting your personal and career development.
Despite your personal growth, fingerprint profiling also teaches you how to better communicate in your workplace with colleagues, managers and even the boss. However, what fingerprint profiling truly can do is waiting for you to explore!

As a new team member

Are you lost? You don't know which company is a good fit for you or where to start? Wantedly is partnering with Miqi to help! Discover the best job for you through fingerprint profiling! Simply click "want to visit" to learn more!

依家嘅你係唔係撥著大霧默默地在覓我的去路?唔知邊間公司啱自己,好lost、好lonely?Wantedly聯同MiQi, 幫你透過指紋分析,幫你搵份最啱自己嘅好工! Click "Want to Visit" 睇吓自己有咩潛能!

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  • 【性格診斷】搵工搵到懷疑人生? 你嘅手指可能係你嘅明燈👉💡Are you lost? Let your fingers lead your way!