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Build across borders. Devs WANTED!

Wantedly, Inc.

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  • Wantedly Inc. Global HR Team

    Born and raised in London and now living in Tokyo. I work as a member of the Wantedly HR team in Tokyo.

  • Been interested in creating my own things and figuring out how things work.
    Started programming and design at 12.

    A bizarre thing is that I’ve been somehow called “genius” from people around me.
    I'm not smart. But I bet you what, I have pretty good tastes.

  • A Japanese native raised and educated abroad in Germany, France, America, and China.
    After living outside of Japan for a total of 16 1/2 years, I enrolled in International Christian University in Tokyo.
    Fluent in Japanese, English, and conversational level in Mandarin Chinese.
    I am currently i...

  • As a software engineer, I have a great interest in user experience design. I try to spend as much time as possible learning and discussing user experience best practices with user experience designers. I believe that a good application is an application that is made with the user’s best interest ...

What we do

  • Wantedly Visit
  • Wantedly People

Wantedly is a social networking and recruitment platform that connects companies and talent who share the same values and vision. We currently provide two main products, Wantedly Visit and Wantedly People.

Wantedly Visit allows you to discover and visit companies who share your values. We have around 30,000 companies registered on our service, most of whom are startups or SMEs with big dreams for the future. Working together we pursue a simple goal: increase the number of people who enjoy their work.

Wantedly People is a business card scanning app that organizes your contacts and helps you maintain your network. With over 100 million business cards scanned and counting, we are strengthening and deepening the connections between people.

We believe in boldness. We are committed to creating a world where work drives passion and that means going abroad and taking on new challenges. We currently have offices in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Germany, and are continuing to grow!

Why we do

  • Our CEO, Akiko Naka
  • Some of our international team members


This literally translates to “Increase the number of people whose hearts dance due to work”. Simply put; we want to help you find work that you love.

Traditional matching between employers and job seekers happens based on salary and benefits. We believe this draws talent away from where it can flourish. Bringing the correct talent to a job which suits their values and inspires them, will enable them to unlock their true potential.

For the job seeker, we know there is a company out there who wants you for who you are. For the company, we know there is a candidate who loves what you do. Our vision of the future is one where they can easily find each other, and together we can build a world where work drives passion.

How we do

  • Biz Dev team in the lobby
  • Collaborative work

Our goal is to create the biggest social impact possible. With that in mind, our desired business model is a product that is low cost and easy to use, and thus utilized by the greatest number of people.

To achieve this, at Wantedly we work by 6 rules:

【Focus on users】
Judge how users feel about our product by how they use it. Put the user experience first, and use the numbers to see if you were successful.

【Move fast】
No time to waste! Don’t schedule a meeting, write up a process and create a 10 page best practice to work out how to begin. Get stuck in, mess stuff up, and create something beautiful.

【Team first】
We move together and help each other out. Need we say more?

【Get things done】
Do it to the end! Once you start something, finish it. Living by this rule means you’ll make better decisions as to what to start in the first place.

【Code wins arguments】
Don’t try and prove a hypothesis with another hypothesis. Make a prototype and test test test.

【Do more with less】
Don’t add new features, strip away unnecessary ones! Make it as simple as possible for a user to get from A to B.

At Wantedly, we find happiness through seeing the results of our creations. We aim to create an organization where our employees can see themselves growing, learning, and enjoying themselves daily.

As a new team member

Creating a product that resonates with users across borders requires globally minded, talented and creative developers who are proud of what they are creating. At Wantedly we have great pride in the products we make and that motivates us to continually expand the reach of our services. Now we are searching for someone who can propel us to ever greater success overseas, and teach us new ways of thinking to broaden our perspective.

How do we localize our product to best fit various countries and cultures? How do we interpret the actions of our users to make further improvements? What will help our product bring even more value to the people who use it? If these kinds of challenges are something you are motivated to tackle and solve, then this is the job for you.

We're looking for a range of engineers, currently we're hoping to fill the following positions:

- Senior front-end engineer
- Full-stack engineer
- Android developer (Japanese required)

If you want to hear more about the company, our vision, and the position, click 'Want to visit' now!

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  • Build across borders. Devs WANTED!
    Wantedly, Inc.