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Metaps Inc.

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  • メタップスという会社を経営しています。

  • 株式会社ライブドア(現LINE株式会社)に所属しコミュニティサービス開発責任者として黒字化に貢献。2012年よりメタップス参画。収益化プラットフォーム「Metaps OfferBoard」、相互送客ネットワーク「Exchanger」、 アプリ解析ツール「Metaps Analytics」等のメタップスプロダクトの開発を牽引。2015年より人事責任者として部門の立ち上げを担い、組織拡大に大きく貢献する。

  • 1991年 東京都生まれ
    Metaps Inc.にて採用・研修を中心に人事関連業務を担当。

What we do

-About Metaps-
Our company operates three businesses.
Finance utilized blockchain technology, data analysis/advertising marketing business, and commerce/media consumer business.

We originally started as a marketing company with a focus on app data analysis.
We have achieved global growth, working on various businesses mainly in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, China, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

“Ten years” have passed since our establishment. In 2018 we were ranked 77th out of 1000 Asian Fast-Growing Companies in the British economic magazine, “Financial Times,” which is exceptional for domestic IT industries. We are noted as a company that has been successful in global expansion.

Our company was listed on the Mother’s Market in 2015, and since last year we have become a Holdings system. We create innovative service by separating stable and continuous growth companies into new businesses and by operating in the growth phase.

Why we do

-Why do we do it-
“Change the Future of Money and Economy”

With the widespread use of the Internet, it becomes possible to recognize invisible value such as time and space as data, and the way of monetary economics is about to change drastically due to the birth of new technology such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. Our mission is to build new economic models by making full use of these innovative technologies.

When money is no longer an essential item in economic activities, it might be a time to be free from various emotions such as anxiety, fear, and immorality that people usually stick to money.

Above all, it should be an opportunity for many people to face the essential theme of “Why I was born and what I really want to do with my life?”
The invention of electricity advanced human life a step further, the progress of medicine saved many people from the plague and the liberation from identity brought many possibilities to an individual.

“Economy” is still in the process of evolution, and we believe that humanity can be better..

How we do

-How is it executed-
“When you aren’t challenged, there is no growth”

As the number of employees increase and the company grows, what you want to achieve and what you are required to do will change, and your goals will continue to grow.

Even so, I think that by continuing to choose the difficult choices, new possibilities will open up. With this series of choices, Metaps has grown.

For employees who want to take on challenges, we have an environment in which we can support them thoroughly as a company. If you want to try new things, please visit us!!

As a new team member

We are a startup inside of Metaps Inc. We have just launched a digital asset exchange in Singapore. We firmly believe that the blockchain technology will rebuild the foundation of people's trust, eliminate trade barriers, improve transaction efficiency, and have a significant impact on the global real economy. We are here to build the new financial system by leveraging the blockchain technology and shape the future of money and economy.

Now we are hiring a growth hacker to join our growing team to rapidly expand our business. You will be responsible for the entire marketing operation as well as business developments to accelerate the growth of the company. You will have a direct reporting line to the director.

You will discover an autonomous and entrepreneurial culture working with us and also a buzzing environment where bright, innovative and visionary people work in small teams that give us the passion we need to thrive. We want you to join us!

Duties for Growth Hacker
- Choosing KPIs to focus on in line with company objectives to achieve business targets
- Developing a strategy to grow those KPIs
- Analyzing data and users’ feedback and discussing with the other department to make our products more attractive to users
- Driving traffic to our website and SNS accounts
- Overseeing the company’s marketing budget
- Creating and publicating marketing material in line with company objectives
- Improving the brand recognition and the corporate identity

Qualifications and Experience
- Five years of marketing work experience with multinational customers, preferably in the blockchain or high-tech industry
- Proven working experience in marketing required. Proven track record designing and executing successful marketing plan at a local and national level
- Data-driven mindset with understanding of data analytics
- Working experience in public relations is a plus
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English

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