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  • Sarah is our HR and Education Director at Sparkline, she is focused on supporting and developing our people internally and through the growth of our Education programmes we aim to enable and empower the industry through applied knowledge and training.

  • Aleetza is our Founder and CEO, she established the business back in 2013 and had the vision and passion to want to fuel the industry through empowering businesses and people to gain insights and make key decisions from the data available.

What we do

  • Quarterly Potluck: Gong Xi Fa Cai Style in our lovely shophouse office!
  • Sparkline Storylabs: Serious Play Lego Workshop

Sparkline is a leading digital analytics consultancy headquartered in Singapore with a presence across the APAC region. Founded in 2013, Sparkline was launched with the aim of helping Fortune 500 companies develop a practical, strategic and scaleable approach to Digital Analytics. Through a range of customised consulting, education and in-house technology solutions, Sparkline helps businesses focus on digital maturity, capability building and data governance.

Why we do

  • International Women's day 2019 - #Balanceforbetter - we really got into the spirit this year, we had a lot to discuss, pledges to agree to and pictures to snap! Looking good team! Aleetza our CEO balancing Joy and Ginny!
  • The Team! Our EOQ 'Escape Room' event - so much fun, some took it more seriously than others it seems!

Sparkline supports companies making the leap into digital and the world of data-centric measurement frameworks. We've helped businesses of all sizes across the region leverage the power of digital data to take control of their digital strategy; drive brand engagement, optimise online experiences and ultimately increase profitability, we do this because we love to see people and businesses flourish!

Two of our core mottos are 'teamwork makes a dream work' and 'Work hard and stay humble' and we often use the phrase 'Kick Ass'!!

We love what we do and how we do it, we are always looking for hungry, bright sparks to join our team, channeling and utilising your passion for Data, analytics and people and be driven by the challenge and reward which is found through our client delivery. You must want to help people 'flourish'!!

When describing our people, we would say we are a diverse and empowered team, we work closely and tirelessly to deliver the quality of data analytics projects and training programmes because we know the impact this has on the industry and the people within it!

How we do

  • Sparks: Work Hard - Play Harder! End of Quarter Lazer Tag!
  • Sparks: Superheroes at Work!

Sparkline takes a business first strategy to customer engagement. Our team of ‘Sparks’ are highly qualified, passionate and strive to build partnerships that deliver results through creative and practical suggestions that have immediate impact on businesses while maintaining an agnostic approach to the industry, and integrity through transparency.

We want to support our awesome team to grow in their career and develop their core and undiscovered expertise. We all have a passion for supporting our peer's development. Our Sparks see the marriage between people and data as an integral one and we strive to ensure we keep abreast of all technical changes and developments in the industry to stay relevant and able to consult with knowledge (this is power after all). Along the way we constantly work to build and grow a team of wonderful, empowered and excited 'Sparks' who make this dream a reality!

Of course while we do this, when we can, we want to have fun, enjoy who we work with and learn as much as we can while we do it. One recurring theme we see when we look at the feedback from our esteemed 'Sparkline alumni' is that all our people naturally strive to embrace our 'learning environment'. There is never a dull day at Sparkline, we move at lightning speed but with passion and energy we are able to do this with smiles on our faces and the knowledge we have a solid team around us to support us along the way.

We often refer to ourselves as the 'United Nations of Sparkline', how awesome is that? We not only work with International clients (some pretty impressive folks may we add!) but we have a wonderfully eclectic team, eclectic in terms of nationality, skills sets and personality!!!

Oh did we mention we are all superheroes? More on that when we speak!! :)


Job Description: Front End Web Developer

We are looking for a Front End Engineer who will develop meaningful and intuitive software interfaces for big data and digital analytics. You will develop tools that make sense of the analytics data for our clients, from visualising to analysing. You will also have the opportunity to drive and participate in the product development of these tools to make them available to our SMB and enterprise clients.

Our clients span the gamut of industries, from ecommerce to travel to media. So this is a great opportunity to hone your design coding skills for several outcomes. You will also be responsible for implementing existing and new UI/UX designs for the platform/tools you will be supporting.

Your work will impact directly the quality of services provided by our clients, which in return, improves the happiness of their customers and gives them profitable returns.
You should be a creative problem solver, resourceful in getting things done, and productive when working independently or collaboratively. You should also have the ability to undertake new initiatives to deliver the best work. You would take on the following responsibilities:

Develop front end interfaces that conform to designed wireframes and mockups and adhere to prevailing web standards.
Work closely with back end engineering team to integrate your solution into our production system.
Take ownership of systems' up-time, including resolving application, performance, and systems incidents and errors as quickly as possible.
Support business decisions with ad hoc analysis as needed.

1-2 years of experience in front end development, including building stylesheets and interactive, dynamic scripts from start to end.
Google Cloud, especially with App Engine.
Python, including Flask + Jinja.
Development tools and frameworks: Docker, Node.js + Gulp, Bootstrap, jQuery, D3.js.
Knowledge of Google Docs API is an advantage.

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