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W Intern Series - Social Media Guru Wanted to be responsible of Hush Home's online campaign!

Hush Home

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What we do

Hush home is an e-commerce brand that offers better-designed sleep products at lower prices. Our products include luxury mattresses, pillows, and bedding.

Our co-founders started with the simple goal of living happier and healthier. As we grew to understand how good sleep impacts everything you do, our personal goal became a company mission. We became obsessed with empowering everyone through quality sleep.

Why we do

We want to transform everyone's well-being through healthy sleep. From perfecting the Hush Mattress to educating and improving people's lives, we've made hundreds of thousands of sleepers happy. And our journey is only getting started.

How we do

We Sleep Better Making An Impact. When establishing Hush Home, our co-founders made sure giving back to the community was central to our vision. From donations to non-profit partnerships, Hush Home's social mission has remained at our core.

As a new team member

As an early-stage company with rapid growth ahead of us, Hush Home is looking for a dynamic
entrepreneur to join as our Social Media and Content Intern. We are expecting someone who loves
being creative and lives to be creative. This is a position in which you have the opportunity to get your
hands dirty and assist our Marketing team in creating awesome original content, optimizing our content
strategy, extending what our brand stands for, and growing our follower base.

Career Field: Art, photography & design, Business, Entrepreneurship, PR & Marketing

Your Dream Job
• Executing tests, collecting and analyzing data, identifying trends and insights in order to achieve
maximum ROI in paid search campaigns
• Tracking reporting and analyzing website analytics, SEO, PPC initiatives and
campaigns e.g. bounce rate, ranking and click-to-lead conversion rate
• Monitor and optimize copy and landing pages for paid search engine marketing campaigns
• Perform ongoing paid keyword discovery, expansion and optimization
• Research and analyze competitor advertising links
• Monitor and evaluate search results and search performance across the major search channels
• Measure ROI and KPIs and prepare marketing budget.

Your Profile
• Are enthusiastic about social media
• Have a strong understanding on the relationship between social media, content, and branding
• The requirement is that you have any sort of creative skill (you can be a strong writer, an avid video
editor, graphic designer, aspiring photographer, etc) that you’d love to make great brand content
• Strong writer is a plus!
• Enthusiastic! A love for health & wellness is also major plus!

If you feel like that is you, please click the "Want to visit" button and we look to hear from you!

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Company info
Hush Home
  • Founded on 2017/08
  • 6 members
  • 25/F, Arion Commercial Centre 2-12 Queen's Road West Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
  • W Intern Series - Social Media Guru Wanted to be responsible of Hush Home's online campaign!
    Hush Home