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Become our next APAC Top performer! Join us as our Head of Operations to lead a Fast-Growing team

The Garage Society

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What we do

Garage Society is a work platform for the new generation. Founded in 2014, we offer premium co-working, a digital members’ portal, knowledge-sharing events, internship programme, recruitment & investment support, and more. We’re home to international startups, creatives, and freelancers and digital nomads from around the world, where our mission is to facilitate collaboration and growth within our community and beyond.

Why we do

Starting with being the leading cowork operator in Asia, our vision is to further the global coworking movement and change the way people conceptualise work. We want to shift away from the traditional approaches to working in order to normalise the dynamic environment that coworking offers, where you’re surrounded by people who will inspire and challenge you.

How we do

Much of our growth has been guided by our bespoke, member-centric business model, as we’re constantly looking for ways to take our value-adding services to the next level. Our internship Cadet Programme and knowledge-sharing platform Garage Academy are just some of the initiatives that we’ve introduced to meet the needs of our members.

As a new team member

We are looking for an ambitious Head of Operations to join our fast-growing team. The role involves managing the regional operations team, further developing our coworking industry, on and offline campaigns, and overseeing our marketing efforts in Hong Kong and across the APAC region (We have offices in India, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines).

We are looking for a broad-minded, outgoing, and engaging Head of Operations who can communicate and serve our western members, to join our fast-growing team. Would you be the perfect candidate, have a look below!

● Managing the regional operations team
● International relationship management: Communicate and serve our western members
● Business research in Europe
● Developing the internal processes of and in Hong Kong, India, and Singapore
● Connecting with European coworking spaces and ecosystems
● Overlook the regional membership renewals
● Actively working with European overseas partners
● Overlook and manage the regional HR processes
● Identify the needs and wants of western members to improve the customer experience and drive engagement across the Garage Society network
● Manage Garage business unit growth with data-backed insights into community engagement, activities and resource needs.
● Be the go-to person for members at the locations and empower the regional operations team to provide the highest level of service
● Curate monthly Community Events
● Build and deliver a wide range of community initiatives, from in-house events to online campaigns, designed to develop international and national business relationships between members
● Be an ambassador for the Garage Commons platform: driving international and regional conversion and curating online and offline content
● Aide the planning and execution of the monthly scheduled professional and personal development workshops
● Ad-hoc support for the regional operations team, including secretarial, administrative and financial support as required

● Degree Holder in marketing and Communications is a must
● 3 years of work experience in a co-working space
● Minimum of 2 years of work experience in a European work environment is required
● Preferably two European verbal communication skills
● Full professional proficiency of English is a must
● Background in customer service, communication/marketing a must
● Exceptional written and verbal communication skills in English is a must
● Passionate about building programs, events, and engagement around international
communities. Interest in startups and entrepreneurship is a must
● A great communicator who can draw people into a conversation
● Strong sense of responsibility, adaptability and an eye for detail
● Strong multitasker, able to manage different tasks across location and industry vertical
● Working proficiency of Google Drive Tools
● Holding an HKID and currently based in Hong Kong

If you are interested in engaging with new technology and startups and experienced in driving community engagement through events and content, this could be the role for you. Join us now by clicking the "Want to Visit" button or drop us a line! ✌️🚀

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  • Become our next APAC Top performer! Join us as our Head of Operations to lead a Fast-Growing team
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