Investor Relations Manager and Financial analyst
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Join us as Investor Relations Manager to build the financial model with CEO.


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What we do

We use our understanding of risk to connect providers of capital with SMEs and others who need it, to provide the liquidity needed for today's dynamic supply chains.
We create growth potential by bringing simplicity to the most complex part of commerce - the supply chain.
We reduce waste by predicting what is needed, where and when.
We create opportunity by using this knowledge to fund suppliers with reduced risk.

Why we do

We help supply chains meet rapidly changing demand with greater resilience. We are redefining the supply chain by combining AI with real-world experience and applying it to every step: SUPPLIER FUNDING, LOGISTICS, AND PREDICTIVE DEMAND.

How we do

Matching Demand with Supply and Transparency
Predicting trends isn’t rocket science, it is data science. AI allows us to analyze causes and effects at scale. And our SAAS solutions allows you to quickly and easily understand the state of your Supply Chain - creating efficiency though clarity.

As a new team member

We're looking for an Investor Relations Manager to join us and provide up-to-date information about the company’s operations, financial statements, vision and technology products to the company’s current and potential shareholders,

Main responsibilities of the Investor Relations Manager are:
● Data analysis
● Presentations and data visualization
● Financial modeling & research model creation
● Information collection/preparation
● Interacting with equity research analysts
● Investor event preparation
● Reporting to the CEO
● Reviews of the company’s financial model and monthly revenue fillings, reports and transactions.

● Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Communications, Economics, or related fields. (Master degree will be a plus)
● Demonstrate extremely strong communication (verbal, written, graphic) skills, as well as the ability to develop and maintain business relationships.
● Strong understanding of financial reports, analytic methods, and financial data tools are often required
● Multilingual applicants can expect a slight advantage.

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  • Join us as Investor Relations Manager to build the financial model with CEO.