Social Marketing Intern
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Looking for Social Media Intern who strives to build our brand stronger with fun.

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What we do

Upload the faces of loved ones, pets or family members on our fun customizable aprons. Use it for every day cooking or gift it to someone you care about. Comes with adjustable straps, large pocket and water resistant material!

Why we do

Want to share the gifting of great products to family and friends

How we do

By creating an amazing and collaborative work culture in our offices.

As a new team member

Job Requirements:

* Current students or Fresh Graduates with Bachelor's degree in marketing or communication
* Familiar with the use of various social media platforms (Facebook. Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter etc.)
* Good communication and written abilities
* Passionate and outgoing candidates

Job Responsibilities:

* Building social media campaigns to achieve business objectives – from awareness through to traffic and revenue
* Defining ad content and creative assets in consultation with Marketing & Digital Teams for delivery via paid social campaigns
* Implement ongoing optimizations for campaign delivery and performance - advanced targeting, bidding, and creative adjustments, identifying improvement opportunities across paid social channels
* Develop optimization plans to continuously improve the performance of social channels against key KPI’s such as revenue growth, profitability, store foot traffic, and market share
* Work together with the broader eCommerce team and Marketing teams to align digital marketing and e-commerce strategy with the marketing calendar
* Ensure key insights and results are effectively communicated to relevant internal & external stakeholders

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Looking for Social Media Intern who strives to build our brand stronger with fun.
Funny Aprons