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Development members for our systems!


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  • 2017年2月よりジョインをし外国籍エンジニアの紹介事業部を立ち上げ、現在は役員として同社に所属をしております。既存の紹介事業のプレイングマネージャーとしてではなく、開発・マーケティングチームも統括しています。いかに世界の外国籍人材に当社を知ってもらうかを追求してきた結果、世界98カ国の外国籍の方々より毎月200名を超える方々の集客が出来る仕組みを構築する事が出来ました。未知数なマーケットではありますが、だからこそ面白い外国籍マーケット。一緒にそのマーケットを創りたいという熱い方と一緒にお仕事をしたいと願っております。

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  • フランス出身、東京在住のサラと申します。


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What we do

  • 外国籍のかたの転職イベントを開催した様子です。

Our mission is to create an indispensable infrastructure service for foreigners.
We focus on businesses related to the "residence" and "jobs" of foreign residents in Japan.

The energy of foreigners interested in Japanese culture, learning languages, and wanting to "go to Japan" or "work in Japan" is immeasurable.

Many foreigners are surprised by the hospitality of the Japanese, a society full of words of "thank you" that they have never experienced before. We would like to spread our thoughts all over the world.

Why we do

  • 外国籍の方に対するセミナーにはこんなに参加者がいます!

Our company's service is based on the goal of establishing a business that can contribute to society.

Our company provides services for foreigners.
"Actually, I established a company with the aim of 'developing a business that can contribute to society." (CEO)

Japan now has a lot of challenges. Among them, the problems of the declining birthrate, the aging population, and the problem of vacant houses can be solved by increasing the number of people living in Japan, so we would like to help to solve them by increasing the number of happy foreigners working and living in Japan through our services.

By doing so, the number of foreigners who want to come to Japan will increase.
"As a result, I believe that the management philosophy, expanding the spirit of harmony to the world and creating a new present with the power of technology, will be realized."

How we do

  • 創立記念Partyの様子♪
  • 第1回”FamilyDay”

Our company started hiring foreigners soon after its establishment.
"At first, I was worried about whether we could coexist.
However, my concern soon changed to a safe one."
Our company has implemented the promotion of foreign employment, and we realize that it is good to work with them in Japanese society."

About a quarter of our company's staff is now composed of foreign staff.

"As our company aims to become a platform that provides all of the infrastructure services that are indispensable to foreigners, we still have not enough friends to create a business with the intention of increasing the number of happy foreigners as many as possible."

As a new team member

One way to solve the labor shortage caused by the declining birthrate and aging population is to promote the employment of foreigners.
Last year, the law was revised, and the number of foreign workers in Japan will increase significantly in the future.
For those of us who support foreigners in employment and support corporate recruitment activities, it's a tailwind!

Many Japanese companies still don't have the know-how to hire foreigners.
That's why there are many job seekers and businesses that need Inbound Technology's support.

➧We are currently looking for people who can develop our own system for these people!

【Your responsabilities】
▪Development of "Job List," a foreign engineer recruitment platform
▪API construction between the human resource information database and the job offer page "Job List"
▪Development of a platform for selling real estate units for foreign nationals

▪Development experience in multiple languages as a web engineer
▪Development experience at a business company
▪JLPT level: N2 or higher

Many mid-career employees have recently joined the company because the company is growing significantly!
"It is also an environment where it is easy for you to experience the unique interest of expanding your business of venture companies in the expansion phase."

Why don't you come to the office first?
Please feel free to contact me!

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  • Development members for our systems!