Full Stack Developer Intern
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A chance to build a cloud collaboration platform of the future at VRcollab!


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What we do

VRcollab is a Singaporean software start-up that is invested by SGinnovate, Entrepreneur First and HTC VIVE. First incorporated in December 2016, VRcollab’s mission is to redefine collaboration and design coordination in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry.

Why we do

For decades the construction industry has been watched as one of the last frontiers for a technological revolution—an industry ripe for digitisation that could fuel productivity growth on par with its peers in manufacturing, oil and gas and other sectors that have successfully embraced technology.

How we do

VRcollab is software that instantly converts BIM models for use in design reviews, building requirement approval and construction coordination. This is further enhanced by automated document generation so professionals can concentrate on the design at hand.

This is possible because of VRcollab’s Core Technology that automatically converts BIM (Building Information Models) for use in Virtual Reality. The conversion is done with accuracy and speed ( approx. 7GB BIM converted in 10 Minutes ). VRcollab’s Team expertise in software development and computer graphics also enhances the usability for multiple use-cases.

As a new team member

VRcollab is hiring Interns!

We’re looking for a Full Stack developer intern who will make an impact in our team. You’ll be working alongside other engineers and developers, collaborating on the various layers of the infrastructure for our software.

Your role will be focused on developing the web application of VRcollab.

1. Deploy and maintain servers
2. Implement website designs provided
3. Modify server API based on requirements provided

Learning Outcomes & Objectives
By the end of your internship, you would have developed a good understanding and implementation skills in AWS, Golang, Javascript, Typescript, HTML, CSS and Vuejs.

1. Experience working with graphic designers and converting designs to visual elements.
2. Basic understanding and implementation of security and data protection
3. Has experience using one of the back-end programming languages, PHP, Python, Ruby, NodeJS, Golang etc. (NodeJS and Golang will be preferred)
4. Has experience using one of the front-end framework, AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS etc. (VueJS will be preferred)
5. Has experience with REST APIs
6. Basic knowledge of code versioning tools such as Git and GitHub

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Company info
  • Founded on 2016/12
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  • A chance to build a cloud collaboration platform of the future at VRcollab!