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  • Saki Endo
    Business (Finance, HR etc.)

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1. 常に高みを目指す
2. 事実に対し、勇気を持って行動する
3. オープンで謙虚であること
4. 率直に話す
5. Always Day 1


As a new team member

- Share a passion for music, digital media, short video platform, and innovation
- Have a track record negotiating innovative, high-value digital content licensing deals that align interests among business organizations
- Pragmatically handle complex negotiation situations in a fast-paced environment, and be a strong closer
- Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously while working collaboratively with members across multi-functional teams
- Proven experience in internal and external stakeholder management with the ability to build successful relationships founded on collaboration
- Analytical skills, using data, insights, and market realities to inform your recommendations and to regularly re-assess the tactics and resources required to achieve objectives
- Very good communication skills, with the ability to thoroughly and concisely advise senior management, as well as educate colleagues and build good relationships in diverse teams

- 4-year undergraduate degree or more
- Not less than 5 years’ experience with a digital music-related service, platform, or music label in a business development or music licensing area
- Ability to read and assess English and Japanese contract conditions
- Basic knowledge and ability of database operation
- A strong team orientated and self-driven personality
- Business level of English skill

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  • Founded on 2017/08
  • 東京都新宿区西新宿2-6-1 新宿住友ビル18F
  • ミュージック関連の事業開発に挑戦しませんか?