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Pump up your portfolio! Test your skills as our Art Director

J & Pie Advertising Limited (JPAgency)

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  • Yannes Shum

What we do

JP Agency is an independent, passionate, humanized, touchable, all-rounded agency from Hong Kong.

She was established in 2015 by Pierre Wong, which is a full scope advertising agency in the new generation, providing touchable services & foreseeable results in the digital world.

JP Agency has set up a branch office in Bangkok and started servicing the Thai government departments, including Tourism Authority of Thailand, TCEB and some private corporations such as Bangkok Airways. JP Agency was also exclusively appointed by international media such as Financial Times, Singapore The Strait Times, CCTV 4, Business Travelers for Thai Market.

Simultaneously, JP Agency is growing rapidly in Hong Kong. Over 50 corporations or brands have worked with JP Agency in the last year, leveraging the strength of Digital Media such as Big Data, Re-targeting, Programmatic, etc.

www.jp-agency.com / Facebook: jpagencyhk / Instagram: jpagencyhk

Why we do

JPA is a start-up advertising agency. We have a passionate, young creative team that see their work as a mission rather than a job. Our mission is to create or do something meaningful: a product or service or charity fund that brings value to an industry, its customers and society at large.

Accountability gets saturated as teams get bigger but responsibility makes people care, and produce good work. Everyone is placed in an incredible position of trust. People are being able to directly contribute to success with a shared vision. The business is driven by the talents who are running the show.

How we do

Our team has a wealth of experience in the key areas that can drive your business growth. The services can be tailored to meet your specific needs, and our team will work closely with you to find the solutions which are right. We believe that creating a creative and inviting environment leads to a great team to flourish and deliver high-performance results for clients.

We take small steps to positively impact the culture of the company, and therefore the works. We encourage a relaxing and fun work environment. People are more likely to interact with each other and enjoy themselves in office. We only work 4.5 days per week so we strongly recommended people to chill out on Happy Friday. Work-life balance is the key to maintain productivity and team morale.

As a new team member


• Produce, shoot and edit videos for digital channel
• Experience to have video recording & design preferable
• Good communication skill to work with teammates and clients
• Storyboard concept development
• Experienced in video editing, animation, motion graphics.
• Good Practical knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and After effects
• Creative and strong design sense

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Company info
J & Pie Advertising Limited (JPAgency)
  • Founded on 2016/10
  • 607, 6/F, Goodluck Industrial Centre, 808 Lai Chi Kok Road, Kowloon
  • Pump up your portfolio! Test your skills as our Art Director
    J & Pie Advertising Limited (JPAgency)