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Senior Data Engineer /ML Engineer

QuantumBlack - A McKinsey Company -

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  • Matt is a COO at QuantumBlack Japan. QuantumBlack is the Machine Learning/AI center of excellence within McKinsey & Company. Matt's role encompasses launching and operating QuantumBlack in Japan as an Associate Partner including leading programs with clients to leverage the latest and greatest te...

  • I am responsible for McKinsey's tech talent recruiting.
    Being involved in various recruitment but my strength is particularly for AI-related tech talents.
    I get excited by meeting excellent tech talents and am looking forward to seeing the business impact that they can bring :)

  • 日本のマッキンゼー・アナリティクスグループのリーダー。小売企業や消費財メーカー、金融サービス機関を中心に、データ・アナリティクスを活用した組織変革、データドリブン経営、顧客ロイヤルティ、全社ブランディング、営業生産性改善、新規市場参入などに関するコンサルティングを実施


What we do





Why we do


既存のデータから、 “組織を動かしているもの”のパターンを特定、分離、活用し、測定可能な分析結果を用いて正確な施策を実施することにより、パフォーマンスを改善します。

How we do

  • Process, People, and Technology.

<10年以上の経験に裏付けられた"5i"プロトコルに沿って、 テクノロジーを駆使し効率的にアナリティクスプロジェクトを提供>
・プロセス: アナリティクスの洞察をインパクトに変えるためのプロトコル
・人材: アナリティクス変革を支える多分野にわたる専門性の高い人材
・テクノロジー: 効率的なプロセスの実行を可能にする独自のソフトウェア資産


i1: ideation 「アイデア創出」

i2: intelligence 「実行可能性検証」

i3: inception 「インサイト抽出」

i4: interventions 「施策実行」

i5: independence 「ケーパビリティ構築」

As a new team member

As a data engineer in Tokyo, you will...
・Partner with our clients, from data owners and users to C-level executives, to understand their needs and build impactful analytics solutions
・Design and build data pipelines to support data science projects following software engineering best practices
・Use state of the art technologies to acquire, ingest and transform big datasets
・Design and build Data/Analytcs platform
・Map data fields to hypothesis, curate, wrangle and prepare data to be used in advanced analytics models
・Create and manage data environments in the cloud or on premise
・Ensure information security standards are maintained at all time
・Contribute to cross-functional problem-solving sessions with your team and deliver presentations to colleagues and clients
・Be flexible to travel to our clients' offices to deliver presentations, gather information or share knowledge
・Have the opportunity to contribute to R&D and internal asset development projects

・Degree educated in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or equivalent experience
・Previous commercial experience in a data-driven role
・Ability to write clean, maintainable, and robust code in Python, Scala, Java or similar languages
・Good understanding of software engineering concepts and best practices
・Experience in data/analytics platform architecture design
・Knowledge of technologies like Spark, Hadoop/MapReduce is desirable
・Familiarity with OSS, cloud, container, query languages and database technologies
・Experience building data pipelines in production and ability to work across structured, semi-structured and unstructured data
・Experience in ML pipeline for streaming/batch workflow
・Able to build strong relations that enable robust debate, and survive periodic disagreements regarding priorities.
・Ability to communicate effectively with technical and non-technical audience
・Strong command of both English and Japanese (N2 or above)

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