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What we do

  • JELLYFISH is a team of people from diverse background with same mission, Our style of working is WORK HARD PLAY HARD

JELLYFISH.Inc was established in 2007 with a mission of helping foreigners to be able to lead a comfortable life in Japan. Starting off as a communication provider business, in the span of a decade, the company is able to grow significantly and covers many business areas such as: Japanese language education, both inside and outside Japan and also Employment support for foreigners who wish to work in Japan.

Why we do

Expand Your Horizons.

We aim to create opportunities for self-fulfillment through education and jobs for people all over the world and to be a bridge connecting the present and the future.

How we do

Job introduction for foreign job seekers has become our main business since 2017, and we managed to support hundreds of foreign job seekers to achieve their dream career in Japan. Our job site MIXESS specializes in IT related job referrals and has more than 20,000 registered users. We also specialize in referrals to Japanese companies that actively hire foreign workers.

In May 2020, MIXESS is officially relaunched with new and upgraded features, not only as a job-site MIXESS has become a place where users can interact and share information with each other. Our aim is to become the biggest IT Community Hub for foreigners in Japan.

We offer online Japanese language education with methods specifically designed to help foreign employees to level up their Japanese skills in a business environment.

We offer wide open space for rent located in Okutama, the outskirts of Tokyo surrounded by nature. This space is perfect for company or group gatherings, projects and other events.

As a new team member

★To be a successful Jellyfish Ambassador, you will need to have these points:
・Understand the vision and mission of Jellyfish and have aligned interest with our company : Helping global IT talent to find their dream job in Japan

・Excellent social media user, with the ability to advertise our service and attract potential market and communities, have the ability to create contents that generates high engagement and conversion rate.

・Have a creative mind and able to find new ways to market Jellyfish's service and steadily build market awareness

・Have something that you love doing, and can use/integrate that skill to promote Jellyfish

  - You love connecting with people and join communities, you use that skill to become one of our Talent recruiter

  - You love creating videos / vlog / social media savvy, you can create a Youtube video or other medias to promote Jellyfish

  - You love playing music/dancing/sports, you use that hobby to promote Jellyfish

  - and so on ... as long as you are willing to utilize your skill and have the same vision as us then join us!

★Status :
①First you will join as freelancers/intern/part-timer as and show us what you can do (probation period)

②Then you can proceed as our core member according to your offered skill and experience!

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  • Founded on 2007/03
  • 30 members
  • Funded more than $1,000,000 /
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  • Join us! Be one of JELLYFISH Partners