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  • Eloïse Gleek

  • Matt is a COO at QuantumBlack Japan. QuantumBlack is the Machine Learning/AI center of excellence within McKinsey & Company. Matt's role encompasses launching and operating QuantumBlack in Japan as an Associate Partner including leading programs with clients to leverage the latest and greatest te...

  • I am responsible for McKinsey's tech talent recruiting.
    Being involved in various recruitment but my strength is particularly for AI-related tech talents.
    I get excited by meeting excellent tech talents and am looking forward to seeing the business impact that they can bring :)

  • Takumi Kakazu

What we do

QuantumBlack, a McKinsey Company, helps companies use data to drive decisions. We combine business experience, expertise in large-scale data analysis and visualisation, and advanced software engineering know-how to deliver results. From aerospace to finance to Formula One, we help companies prototype, develop, and deploy bespoke data science and data visualisation solutions to make better decisions.

We harness data, analytics and design to give organisations a clear path to improve performance.

When we combine our skills and approach with McKinsey & Company’s knowledge and expertise, we equip clients with an incomparable level of competitiveness.

Why we do

Spearheading end-to-end transformation.
We partner with some of the world’s most advanced organisations in their journey to improve performance.

In today’s competitive environment, organisations that respond faster to change, with better insight and greater precision, hold a sustainable advantage. At the same time, information has gone from scarce to superabundant, affording an unprecedented opportunity for them to do so. Effective decision-making is therefore increasingly underpinned by data processing and technology capabilities.

How we do

We established QuantumBlack to reimagine how organisations can continuously improve and outperform rivals.

To do this we follow a structured method enhanced by capability building of both people and technology.

Our process deploys cutting-edge techniques and offers a scalable approach that targets multi-year transformations.

Performance is at the centre of everything we do. Inspired by sport, we know that the smallest edge can make the biggest difference. Our multidisciplinary team will help clients achieve that edge.

Trusted partnership
Data is the lifeblood of any modern organsation, and trust is the currency of our engagements with clients.
We strive to maintain the highest levels of data handling, governance and information security with our clients. Nothing is more important to us.

Transformational thinking
The real power of analytics is embedding them into the operating model of an organisation.
Our advanced analytics capabilities combined with McKinsey’s deep domain expertise and change management experience equip us with a powerful lens to evaluate and improve every facet of an organisation.

We believe that the most valuable insights happen at the boundaries of different disciplines, data, and techniques.
Our client work focuses on combining data expertise with human judgement to reimagine and rework how a business can operate in the future.

Capability building
To diagnose challenges and prioritise actions, we focus on capability building-not just the models. We follow a proven five-step protocol grounded in McKinsey’s decades of strategy work as well as our unique approach to discovering and exploiting data-driven insights.
This is formed of: Ideation, Intelligence, Inception, Intervention, and Independence.

As a new team member



/ プロジェクトのアナリティクスに関するスコープ設定と分析手法の選定や、モデル構築や再設計を行う。
/ 数学、統計、機械学習を活用してフォーミュラ・ワン、製薬、自動車、ハイテクなど様々な業界における主要なインサイトを導く。
/ 高度に最適化されたコーディングにより社内のデータサイエンスツールの発展に貢献する。
/ クライアントもしくは社内のデータサイエンスチームに向けたデータサイエンスツールの開発
/ 世界最大級の組織が保有する複雑なデータセットへの取り組み
/ 多様な環境にてデータサイエンス、データエンジニアリング、デザインなどにおいて高度なスキルを持つ人材と切磋琢磨する。
/ アカデミック領域との強いつながりを構築しアイデアの共有を行い、最新の技術について常に一歩先を進む。

/ 統計モデリングまたは機械学習の経験
/ データサイエンスをビジネス課題に応用した経験
/ R、Python、Scala、SQLのうち2つ以上の言語のプログラミング経験
/ コンピュータサイエンス、機械学習、応用統計学、数学の分野で修士号または博士号レベルの履修経験
/ 優れたプレゼンテーション力とコミュニケーション力に加え、複雑なアナリティクスの概念を分野外の人へ分かりやすく説明する能力
/ チームリーダーやメンタリング、プロジェクトマネジメントの経験
/ アドバンストアナリティクスや統計手法の応用力
/ 分散コンピューティング、もしくはNoSQL技術の知識(あれば尚可)

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QuantumBlack - A McKinsey Company -
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  • データドリブンな組織や働き方への変革を実現するデータサイエンティスト
    QuantumBlack - A McKinsey Company -