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WANTED! Web Developer/ReactJS/NextJS coder, join our expert team today!

Soho Property Pte Ltd

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  • We've built an amazing, experienced team of 11 members who have background in building global mobile and web platforms. With strong experience in growing startups and having received over $90M in funding for prior startups, Soho is well placed to disrupt the online real estate sector.

  • Dedicated to understanding customer acquisition and retention efforts, through rigorous technical discipline, daring hypotheses, roll-up-your-sleeves execution excellence. I strive to approach demand and supply generation in innovative and surprising ways.

    My interest is in data analyse and the ...

  • Software Engineer experienced in helping startups deliver tech solutions to the market. Passionate about solving problems, developing people, and applying lean and agile principles to daily work. Grounded in the liberal arts and driven to make software solutions that create human impact, and to b...

What we do

Soho is a personalised real estate discovery platform leveraging data & AI to help you find your dream home.

Our platform provides a better way to match with your dream home, connect with local area experts and know real-time market trends based on your profile & interests. Soho shows properties how you want to see them, all within a free to use property ecosystem

Why we do

The online property industry has not evolved in over a decade and is still a pay-to-list classifieds based industry. We're changing the game by bringing about an evolution to the industry with property search 2.0; a completely reactive and interactive search experience that helps you match with your ideal property faster.

When using the platform, you are able to not only set up a clear profile of your ideal property, but every search and interaction with property will improve our matching algorithm and adjust your search results when new properties are listed in the areas you are interested in.

How we do

All our activities are driven by our core mission statement which helps us prioritise our project priorities.

We’re a team of experienced individuals who are clear on what we need to achieve and by when. We focus on delivering results and ensure we have the discipline to check results after every project. We’re passionate, driven and kick ass as a team

As a new team member

Soho is growing quickly and now approaching 500,000 users per month as well as acquiring competitor websites. We're looking for a hard-working, dynamic and passionate candidate to join us as a Senior Web Developer using ReactJS and NextJS.

Venture backed business including Australian and International VCs. We have built an exceptional founding team of experienced executives with over 90 Million dollars raised in previous businesses. Exciting opportunity to revolutionise the entire property industry, globally as well as work on client projects that we take an interest in under our agency Tachyon.Studio

Our core Application Stack
● Facebook React.js
● Ruby on Rails API
● Postgres DB
● Amazon AWS
● Native iOS and Android apps

Your primary responsibility will be to develop the frontend Web application and you would have previous experience delivering web apps for clients for both web and mobile web. You should be experienced with working with Restful APIs and common CDNs.

This will be a fast-paced and collaborative role where you will work closely with the product and development teams to design solutions for the user facing web and mobile apps as well as with 3rd party partners via APIs as we typically deploy iterations to production every two weeks.

You will be responsible for:
● Building and maintaining the web application – Using best practice development techniques to develop and maintain new features for the platform
● Facilitate integration with third party tools and APIs
● Attending weekly standup meetings and project retros
● Prototyping/code spikes - Ability to quickly spin up proof of concepts to demonstrate if projects are technically viable and achievable in a short time frame
● Miscellaneous tasks - You need to be the type of person that will jump into a range of tasks with excitement and as a sense of opportunity

About You
Your passion for startups and moving fast will be the key to your success in this role. This is what we are looking for
● A genuine & communicative people person
● Someone who enjoys the challenge and applies critical thinking to complex problems
● An unparalleled work ethic. We aren't clock-watchers and enjoy working on challenging problems together
● Existing experience in the real estate sector will be a plus

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  • WANTED! Web Developer/ReactJS/NextJS coder, join our expert team today!
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