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Join us in a fun-filled and energetic working environment as an Assistant Teacher!

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What we do

We are one of the leading education organization in Singapore leveraging the original Heguru concepts to aid development of efficient brain capabilities among children while developing some exceptional qualities in them that help them for rest of their life.

We offer a broad array of courses spanning from pre-natal to preschool, for children yet to be born to the ones up to 6 years of age that focus only on intensive potential ability development and fostering good heart in the most structured and effectual manner. Our trainers are aptly qualified in Japan and extensively experienced. For drawing out the greatest potential of a child, it is imperative to provide them a highly nurturing and stimulating environment which can develop their latent potential effortlessly and naturally.

Our aim is to strive to provide highly conducive environment to cultivate everlasting attributes in children while having great fun. Our dream is to develop the children in Singapore who can contribute towards the development and welfare of society and country whilst creating a successful future for them.

Why we do

We are committed to Nurturing Great Minds and Big Hearts

Heguru Center is committed to nurturing the potential abilities of our children by developing their innate potentials to the maximum. We specialize in right brain training and the overall brain development for children up to 6 years of age. The goal of the HEGL education is for children to acquire “9 Fundamental Abilities” through a “2-level Step-up Skills” before formal education begins.

We place strong emphasis in propelling their interests towards learning as early as possible while fostering sincerity and strengthening of family bonds, giving them a treasure of knowledge they can cherish for rest of their lives.

The Heguru method is developed by HEGL Japan after carrying out 30 years of extensive research. Our right brain training is a proven and highly effective early childhood education method exclusively for children 0-12 years of age. It focuses on fostering critical and creative thinking abilities among children in a fun-filled and child-friendly learning environment.

Our innovative brain development programmes emphasize on imaginative exploration and development of analytical and reasoning skills in a fun-oriented learning environment.

1. We equip children with unique skills for their overall success in academics, music, sports, art and much more.
2. We foster good heart and habits among children before they start with their formal education
3. We nurture the minds of children not only with knowledge but with our caring approach as well.

How we do

Lessons are conducted by certified instructors in a fun and lively atmosphere. This will ensure full transfer of the educational knowledge researched by Heguru.

The working environment at Heguru is energetic and we are looking at individuals who are passionate in interacting with young children. A strong love for children is important to keep the passion in spreading the Heguru teaching methodology to children and parents.

As a new team member

- Assist in conducting fun-filled brain developmental program for children from 0-12 years old
- Monitor learning progress of children
- Preparation of teaching resources and materials to be used in class
- Basic administrative duties
- Support centre's operation

** Energetic and passionate in interacting with young children
- Have a strong love for children
- Able to pick up simple dance actions and songs fast
- Possess positive work attitude and strong initiative
- Good command of English and Mandarin (to liaise with Mandarin speaking parents and clients)
** Able to work weekends for all positions

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Join us in a fun-filled and energetic working environment as an Assistant Teacher!
Heguru Center Pte Ltd